Saturday, February 28, 2009

In Case I haven't Blogged Enough Today...

I know I know it is my zillionth web update today...but I thought I would share some pictures since I so rarely take them anymore.

Capricious' Bad Influence

Inspired by Capricious' blog entry about the store Anthropologies - I went today to look for a dress for an event I have coming up and ended up splurging more than I should have...the sad thing is there were a ton of other things I wanted to buy but I couldn't bear to spend that much on clothes. I wish that stored wasn't so expensive.

Here is the dress I bought for the event...I really like it - it even has pockets! I just hope I don't look too busty or pregnant in it.
Here is the cover up that I bought to wear over the dress - I swear it is cuter in person but it is not really my style (I am pondering returning it - but I needed something to match the dress)...
I bought the below shirt in grey (I liked the cream better but it was on sale in grey) - this was a totally unnecessary splurge but I loved it and Boris convinced me to buy it. Now I need a girls night to wear it to - it looks hot with a pair of jeans and heels.
This is the dress that I originally wanted and went to buy that they didn't have at the store that I am now pondering having them order for me...not that I need another dress but I love this dress more than any other dress I have seen in years! Which is saying a lot since I normally hate dresses but I can't stop thinking about this one...

Friday, February 27, 2009


I have recently started checking out blogs of people I don't know and I am finding that it is rather addicting...

My two favorite new additions are:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Sweet Return to Crafting

It has recently been hard for me to find time to craft as life has been a little hectic but I finally had time to get back to a few projects.

Here is a little cream sweater that I finished crocheting yesterday. I LOVE this sweater, it is made of a bamboo blend and is super soft and a nice weight and I think the bubble details at the bottom and the little jeweled red buttons are adorable. I wish I had a little girl to put this on! The best thing about crocheting baby stuff is that it goes SUPER fast because the pieces are so small.

Yesterday with the help of some grandma baby sitting - which is always the best - I finally got around to playing with my new clay supplies!!! I am not totally in love with any of the pieces that I made but I wanted to make some super simple and small items so that I can play with firing them. I figured that if I made something really nice and it was ruined in the kiln I would be pretty upset so better to start small. We'll see how these fire up and then get into pieces that I like better. I also realized that I think the difficulty with this craft is going to be that the options are limitless so it is hard to get started and even harder to settle on something that isn't perfect. I'm sure over time I will get better.

The other project that I was able to start yesterday was my first crochet project for myself! I am biting the bullet and I am going to try to crochet a full adult sized sweater - I have been fearful to start something this large and complicated in the past!!! Phew it feels like quite the task and I think I need to go buy more yarn because I doubt I have enough of the yarn I chose to use (which is a super soft really nice merino wool blend).

Here is a picture of the pattern and what I have started so far - I really like the stitch so far. I am doing the sweater in grey because it happens to be the yarn I had around - I really like the orange in the picture but I'm sure it will be fun in grey too. The only thing I am a little concerned about is that the grey won't show off the detail in the sweater as well as the orange does but I may just have to live with that (or I guess if it goes well I could always make it in another color). The best part about this sweater will be picking out the buttons!!!

Wish me luck on this one - I'm sure I'll need it. So far there has been limited cursing involved but one never knows how a project will progress.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My First Baby Sweater!

I finally finished crocheting my first baby sweater (and I do mean finally it took me a few weeks to find enough time to finish this thing!) The only thing I'm not thrilled about is that I wanted the opening to be a little off centered by it is REALLY off centered...I guess the weight of the sweater is a bit heavier than I would have preferred as well. Otherwise I think it turned out alright.

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day this year we have been having quiet fun around our house.  Last night and this morning we made crepes which were delicious!  This morning we just had some family time -  Chase and Boris got me the cutest little locket with pictures of Chase in it.

We were planning on decorating cookies with some friends but Chase had a bit of a fever this morning so all our plans were cancelled...but honestly it was probably good for us to have a mandatory day of relaxation!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Chase has recently become quite the dare devil. He has been standing on his hippo rocking chair and this morning we caught him climbing on top of the garage! Crazy kiddo...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Here!!!!

I am so excited because my kiln and PMC supplies are here! I unfortunately haven't had any time to use them yet but I am still happy that it is all ready to go.

I have kind of been in a crafting lull lately as I haven't been able to find any time to finish anything but I'm almost done with the baby sweater I am crocheting and PMC jewelry will be coming after that!

Chase's Art

I finally got around to scanning some of Chase's art!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adorable Chase Moments

I've been neglecting blogging lately so here are a few updates from the past few weeks.  Mainly it is just a list of cute baby moments so I don't forget them later...(hopefully I haven't already listed all of these in previous entries).

1)  The other day when Chase woke up (in our bed) he stood up on the bed looked down at us and said "Tall!"  (He normally wakes us up by saying "baby all done" or "uh oh")
2)  Chase is getting close to being able to count to 10!  If we say one he will say "two" and then if you ask what is after two sometimes you get a "three" - he never really gets four or five but he does much better with 6 - 10.  (Two is by far his favorite number,  if you give him something he likes he always asks for "two" so he can have one in each hand.)
3)  Chase has started singing along with songs.  If you sing "Row row row your boat" sometimes he will chime in with "gently down the stream", other times he picks up at the "Merrily merrily merrily".
4)  Chase is currently a fruit snack addict.  He knows where we hide them and ALWAYS asks for "snacks".  The only thing that can deter him from snacks is chocolate.
5)  Chase has been in a phase where he keeps trying to feed people which usually involves him cramming soggy food bits into your mouth (and in Graham's case it often involves Chase trying to feed Graham dairy products and Graham trying to avoid them as not to die from eating them)
6)  Chase has been LOVING bath time lately, if you even mention a bath he starts running up stairs and tries to climb into the tub.
7)  Chase is still in love with Sponge Bob, balls, and pushing trucks and cars around.
8)  Chase has been trying to jump lately which is just hilarious to watch.
9)  Everything is still "Uncle Uncle Uncle" around our house - Chase does love his uncle Graham.

Crocheted Hats

I've been hooked on crocheting lately. I made a darling red and cream baby blanket for a friend (which I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of) and I made the below kiddo hats. I really like the beanies with the brims - I think they are as cute as can be. I'm also currently in the process of crocheting a baby sweater.

I also have a ton of upcoming projects that I just haven't been able to get to! I bought some acrylic because I want to try to use it with my jewelry making and I ordered a PMC kiln which I am very excited about!

I hope I can find some more crafting time soon!