Monday, March 28, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More Vacation Updates

We have been so busy everyday we have all be crashing hard at night. Keira looked so cute snuggling her baby. 

We stopped for some ice cream...Keira wore her new nightgown. 

The San Diego zoo is amazing. It is so green and beautiful. We saw a baby orangutan and two baby monkeys. A newborn gazelle, koalas, a panda.  

Keira had to sit on almost every statue we came across. 

I didn't go on the below day trip but Chase went to some amazing tide pools and found some really cool shells. 

We also hit fashion valley while here and they had an Ugg store!!!  We need one in Colorado. 

But the best part. We missed a giant snow storm in Denver!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

San Diego

On Wednesday before we left for vacation B had a trip to the ER for Kidney Stones. He then had surgery on Thursday. We were still able to leave Saturday but it was a rough start to the vacation.  

We are happy to be at the beach now!

Holy splits Batman!

I love the succulents growing on the beach. 

Keira matched her donut this morning. 

...and the best photo of all...Keira's Victoria Secret beach shoot pose...

Photo Catch Up

The past few weeks have been busy!

I went to tea at the brown palace with friends. 

Keira has been go go go non-stop lately. 

I ordered some glasses and Rx sunglasses from Zenni Optical. They are super cheap and the glasses are great. I'm in love!

My HQ Simply Sixteen arrived!!!  It is amazing. I am sooo excited. I just want to quilt all day. 

Chase got his red belt - so proud of him!  He is on his way to his goal of youngest black belt ever. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Crafting Night

B and I crafted together!!  It was fun to try something new together. Felting is kind of addicting but we did stab ourselves quite a few times.

It was almost like a date night even though the kids were roaming around.

B's kind of looks like a cow and mine looks like a sheep (they are both suppose to be moose).

Overall definitely worth trying at least once!  The possibilities are endless.