Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Stuff

Check out my main blog if you are interested in a give-away I'm doing.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, Philigry is doing a give-away. I decided that sounded like a lot of fun so I'm going to do one too (again not sure if enough people check out my blog but I thought I would give it a whirl).

- One entry for leaving a comment.
- An additional entry for each new person that leaves a comment saying that they heard about my blog from you (the new person and you will both get an entry).
- One entry for mentioning the give away on your blog (just be sure to leave me a comment letting me know you did that).
- One entry for checking out my Etsy shop (www.beyondimagination.etsy.com) - leave me a comment letting me know you did this too.
- I will do the drawing on May 8th.

I decided to go with jewelry since most of the people I know either knit, scrapbook, crochet, or sew so I figured anything I would give away in those areas people could make for themselves.

Also, I actually have 3 "prizes"... no winning more than once so there will be 3 winners.

Give-Away 1 - Two Scrabble Tile Pendants

Give-Away 2 - Book Thong

Give-Away 3 - Glass Tile pendant


One of the blogs that I follow (Philigry) is doing a free give-away! The fabric samples that she is giving away are really great - how exciting. It makes me think to myself that I should do one, then again I am not sure that I have a big enough of a blog following to make it worth it.

In other news, my life recently has been consumed by 1) a bummer of a flare in my illness - which I am blaming on the weather and 2) trying to decide what to do about our house. Do we buy an existing house, build a new house, or try to stay where we are and fix up the house? So many choices!!! It makes my brain hurt. Hopefully in the new week or two we will make a decision.

Lastly a Chase update. Chase has been adorable lately - that kid says the cutest things. He is starting to get better at sentences, today he said "I love you Mommy" - so sweet! His favorite book right now is "Katy No Pocket" and he is starting to become afraid of things. He is currently terrified of the picture of a T-Rex in one of his books.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Too Dark!!!

I have the best Chase stories today. He was hilarious all day long.

Story 1: It's Too Dark!!!
This evening Chase was playing in our bed and he was making "caves and tunnels" in our bed covers. He kept going in the tunnel and wanting Boris and I to go in too. So I went in with him and pull down the covers a bit and his eyes got as huge as saucers and I asked Chase if he was scared and he said "YES!!! It's too dark!!!". After that he decided the dark was delightful and he spent them next half hour burying himself in the covers and covering his face. He his now a big fan of tunnels - I should get him a tent.

Story 2: Wipes for Everyone
Earlier Chase got ahold of a wet wipe and the first thing he did was go get his bear, wipe its butt and say "EWWW". He proceeded to do that a zillion times (I even have video footage of it). After that he used the wipe to clean the floors, carpet, couch, etc. Apparently being a neat freak is genetic and can be passed to ones children.

Story 3: Tickle Monster
Boris and I were tickling and rough housing with Chase and he would copy everything I did. So I sat on Boris's tummy and Chase sat right in front of me and jumped up and down on Daddy. Then I blew raspberries and Boris and Chase did the same. Then I said I was the tickle monster and started tickling Chase and now he runs after Boris and I saying "Tickle Tickle" and making little crab hands at us.

Story 4: Binkie Swear
Today Boris tried to teach Chase how to "pinky swear" so he kept saying "Chase to you pink swear?" and Chase said "Yes", pulled his "binkie" out of his mouth and gave it to Boris.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Amy Butler - Birdie Sling

I was surfing the web the other day and I fell in love with the Amy Butler Birdie Sling - so I ordered the pattern and TADA here is my new bag. I am very happy with how it turned out - I think if I were to do it again I would make the strap a little shorter. Also I wasn't very happy with how my top stitched turned out at the top of the bag it was a bit sloppy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My First Bag!

I am so excited!  I just finished my first bag and I think it turned out pretty well.  I had a really hard time with the hidden inner pockets (I did two instead of one) and they aren't perfect but they are alright (I think it is because I downloaded a free pattern and the instructions weren't great).  I also learned that I have a horrible whip stitch - the bottom of the inside of the bag looks like a 5 year old sewed it.  But I love the fabric and I love how big the bag is so overall I think it was a success.  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More PMC Fun

I had a weekend full of crafting. Yesterday I ended up going to Denver Fabrics and buying a bunch of fabric to make bags out of. I intend to make a bag that I found a pattern for online and I also ordered a pattern for the Amy Butler Birdie Sling which I also plan on making.

Last night and this evening I spent some time working with PMC again. Below are a few of the things I made.

Custom Charm Bracelet

For my mom's birthday she requested that I make her a custom charm bracelet. I was really happy with how it turned out. She wanted designs stamped on the back of the charms and custom phrases / names stamped on the front.


Chase had quite the Easter experience this year. He is such a spoiled baby! In addition to his basket he ended up with Farm Mega Legos and a Thomas the Train set.

Here is Chase at the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. It was really fun and there were only 3 kids in the 0 - 2 year age bucket so they all ended up with a boat load of eggs. Chase didn't really get the hunt part at first - he would go pick up eggs and open them and let the contents drop to the floor. It wasn't until the very end that he started putting them in the bag. He did find the special silver egg which won him some sidewalk chalk.

This morning we started the day by giving Chase his Easter basket. He was very excited and he ended up dumping it all on the floor because he figure that it was the fastest way to get at everything. Our neighbor had given us a pair of Elmo slippers which we had put in the basket and Chase was thrilled and wanted to put them on right away. As soon as we put them on he decided that they were terrifying and he wanted them off - he is now scared of them (I think the stickers and candy and snacks were Chase's favorite part of his basket).

Later in the day the whole family came over for another Easter egg hunt (which Chase started before anyone arrived since the eggs were all over), brunch, and games. Chase had a splendid time and he received a singing Easter bunny which he enjoyed at first but is now scared of (that seemed to be a theme today).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Interests

Chase's new interests lately have been:
- Coloring with crayons
- Shapes (he knows hearts, stars, circles, and diamonds)
- Counting
- The dog bed

Craft Fair

Yesterday I participated in my first craft fair! here are a few of the new things I had prepared.