Monday, July 29, 2013

Mini Pink Penguin Lunch Bag

I have been wanting to make a pacifier pouch and I have thought about making a mini boxy pouch or pyramid zipper pouch but then I thought maybe I would try making a mini lunch pouch since they are so cute!

Sadly the small version I made is still a little too big but I think if you made it much smaller it would be very hard to sew. Instead of a 6 x 6 inch base the mini pouch has a 3 x 3 inch base.

Follow the same steps as in the main tutorial (the only change is that the casing for the cord is slightly smaller so a 1/4 inch fold and then a 1/2 inch fold). Handle placement is just in the middle of one side.

Measurements I used:
Outer / lining pieces: 6.5 x 5
Cover: 7 x 4
Rim: 6.5 x 1.5
Tag / Handle: 1.25 x Length (you only need 1 instead of 2 handles)
Handle interfacing: 1 x Length
Rim interfacing: 6 x 1.5
Outer interfacing: 6.5 x 9.5

Happy sewing!

Mommy Basket Gift Idea

I have a few baby showers coming up and I am using Pink Penguin's lunch bag tutorial to make "Mommy Bags". I am really happy with how this version turned out - I used a pre-quilted fabric for the lining so the bag is super sturdy.

I plan on putting all the things in the bag that people never tell new moms they need! Since the bag is so adorable and has a cover you can just leave your bag of supplies discretely in the bathroom.

Mommy Bag Supply Ideas (of course you can do as many or few items as you want):
- Maxi Pads / Liners
- Stool Softener
- Gel Nipple Pads / Disposible Nipple pads
- Lanolin Cream
- Advil / Pain killers
- Peri Bottle
- Tucks / PrepH
- Ice pack (although I found newborn diapers filled with ice or frozen or maxi pads frozen with H20 worked the best)
- Cheap cotton throw away undies
- Disposible blue diaper changing pads to put under you on the bed to keep sheets clean
- Overnight nursing bra / sleep bra

That's all I can think of right now...but I am sure there are tons of other things.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

False Labor

I remember when I went into labor with Chase I thought to myself "how could anyone mistake that they were in labor - it is so obvious?!"

Well here I am pregnancy number two and I have already had about three instances where I have thought to myself - is this it????  I haven't gone to the hospital yet because I have been waiting for contractions that are so strong I can't speak / stand through them which have yet to arrive.

Last night I had a terrible backache and strong painful contractions from 11 pm - 4 am about 10 minutes apart but they never got any stronger or closer together and then they just disappeared at 4 am.  Today my muscles ache and I am absolutely exhausted and feeling miserable.  I am so crampy and stiff that I stood up after sitting for awhile and my poor legs just gave out.

False labor officially = cruel torture of pregnant ladies (both physical and mental)!

Hopefully the contractions won't be false for much longer or I may go insane...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Dress

I made this dress at my sewing day with Capricious last weekend and for some reason I am not sure I love it. I love the fabric and the colors but I can't decide if the dress itself is cute or too handmade looking. I may need to see it on to decide - some things are cuter on...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pink Penguin's Lunch Bag

Last weekend Capricious hosted a sewing day and one of the gals was making this adorable lunch bag by Pink Penguin.

Then of course I saw Capricious' blog post where she tried the tutorial and I HAD to make one - not someday - TODAY!

I love this tutorial, it was fast and easy and well laid out plus if you follow the modifications she mentions NO SEAMS!  It took < 2 hours to cut and sew the entire thing and very little fabric.  It is the perfect gift and could be used for so many different things!

Pink Penguin thank you for posting such a great project!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Fiona's Top" Dress

I found this really cute knitting pattern for Fiona's top by Ramsilla which is a light weight knit tunic.  

I decided to use the pattern for the bodice of a baby dress.  The only change I made is that after the arm holes I joined the pattern in round (and dropped the extra cast on stitches) because I hate seams.  I did 5 of the lace pattern repeats in the front (6 in the back).

The pattern is easy and adorable.

Here is the finished dress!!!  I am in love with it!  One thing I may consider if I do this again would be either to not increase the bodice width so much or maybe to add some elastic where the knitting meets the fabric to "cinch" in the waist a tiny bit.

The sparkly buttons on the back are the perfect touch aren't they?

This is the first combined knitting / sewing project I have ever done and I can't wait to try another one!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


What were you doing in 1996?

I was a freshman in high school rocking out to Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls. Last night B and I had an evening from the past at Fiddlers Green. I have never felt older at a concert - I am pretty sure everyone around us was 15 - 20 years older then us HA! The mid-50s couple next to us hilariously were "sneakily" smoking weed from a pipe.

We had a lot of fun though and it was a great last event before Keira's arrival!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Busy Day

Today was a perfect busy weekend day. We started the morning with a delicious Cracker Barrel breakfast to satify my pancake craving. Then we attend 1 of 2 parties we had scheduled and Chase got to play with his school friends. After that I was hot and tired so I ended up skipping the second party in favor of some self pampering (apparently my brain thinks I can keep up with more then my body can handle). Then to wrap it all up I finished the night with a fabulous girls night / baby shower with my lovely neighborhood ladies. I have that nice tired but satisfied feeling now.

Good Deeds

I decided to get my hair cut and styled which I very rarely do and then I followed that with a mani and pedi. I was in need of some pampering. But as luck would have it at the end of my nail adventure it was POURING rain...not a slight drizzle mind you - but a full on storm. I was parked about 2 blocks away much to my dismay. I waited for about 20 minutes for the rain to stop and there was no sign of it letting up. There was another lady waiting as well and she finally decided to just brave the rain but she did the nicest thing - she ran in the rain to get her car then drove back to the nail salon and picked me up and drove me to my car!!! It was such a nice thing for her to do especially because she was already running late for a dinner reservation!

So thank you kind lady at the nail salon for saving my hair, making me smile, and proving that random acts of kindness still exist!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chase's View on Math

Nobody wants to see 106 degrees when they get in their car! It cooled off while I drove around to 100 but that didn't make me feel much better...ha!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Almost There

I packed my hospital bag tonight...thus ensuring that I won't go into labor and they will have to induce me at 41 weeks right? Lol. I hope not! I am ready to be done being pregnant and meet Keira.

I am 34 wks and 5 days...let the count down begin...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pre-Baby Girls' Weekend

One of my BFFs flew out from Alaska to visit me for a get away weekend before the baby. We had such a relaxing good time! I really felt like I "got away" without going anywhere. It was perfect and was just what I needed. We shopped, hung at the pool, hit the farmers market, vegged on the patio, got manicures, finished the last of the baby prep, and ate amazing food. What would a girl do without besties!