Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing My Sewing Room

I saw this quilt on a blog I follow and it has gotten me interested in sewing again - now I just need my house to sell so I can have a messy sewing room again!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fitness Goals Update

My fitness goals are going alright although my running has come to a screetching halt due to knee pain (I tried to run again today but had to give up after 30 minutes and my knee is already freezing up *sigh*).

Ballet is going well - I went to the Saturday class that I struggled with for a second time an this time it went much smoother.

My greatest accomplishment is that I was able to get into the crooked limb sage yoga pose (see below) - not one of the inversions I wanted to work on but an accomplishment anyways. I am able to hold forearm stand and handstand for a few seconds but not long enough for me to be able to say I mastered them yet. Next steps are side crow with extended legs, hurdler (which I can't even get into), and more stable forearm stand and handstand.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ballet Update

Ballet class number 2 was a success! This teacher was amazing - answered any questions we had, explained everything, was really nice - and there were only 3 of us in the class so there was a lot of 1:1 attention. Also I felt like I got a much better workout - I can't wait to go back!

Cute ballet outfits here I come!




It snowed yesterday and I was home with Chase and he was so good while I worked that I took him out to play in the snow for a bit. He loved it but wasn't a big fan of his snow suit.

A quick Chase update:
- His favorite words are "dude" and "hilarious"
- Still a superhero addict (that may stick around for awhile)
- He can ride his bike fairly well now
- His writing is getting slightly better and he is in the process of learning all of his sounds
- He likes Green Day and the Beatles (the other day in class he broke out into Funk Soul Brother)
- He is an iPad / iPhone / video game addict already
- Any time he does something bad he asks us "but you still love me right?"
- He has given up naps for us (he will still take them for daycare most days but not for us)
- He loves his Grammy and Pops and asks every day if it is a Grammy day (there are only school days and Grammy days at our house - nothing else matters)
- He loves gumdrops and mac and cheese

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cabled Leg Warmers


I have taken a crafting break but I got the itch to do a project again. The ballet class that I went to made me really want to make some nice leg warmers. So I cast on and started these. They are really long so hopefully I can stick to the project long enough to finish them but I think they are really cool!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bummer of a Day

So the day hasn't exactly gone well for me...

- It started with ballet class - apparently the beginner / intermediate class that I took wasn't exactly beginner. There were people putting on pointe shoes for the floor portion. So I stuck around for the barre (messed up horribly because they combinations were so complicated) and then left when they started the center portion. I am going to try an easier class soon and see if it goes better. Strength and flexibility weren't an issue, it was more trying to remember what I was suppose to be doing...
- Then I went for a run which was okay except that I think I messed up my knee...OUCH
- We got an offer on our house - which should have been exciting except that they offered us 40K less then the listing price - seriously?!?!?! No we are not going to "give away" our house!
- Got in a fight with B
- But I did end the night with a nice date night dinner out so I guess that is good way to help turn things around

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I bought some ballet slippers today and tomorrow morning I am going to take my first adult ballet class. I am really nervous about it (especially since I am going alone), hopefully I won't be the most uncoordinated person there.

I am going to Denver Dance Center. They seemed like the best place for adult classes.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Try Try Again

Fell off my dieting and exercise wagon for the last two days...again...I think I was wallowing in "why won't my house sell" / "I hate my period" pity.

Getting back on track tomorrow.

The experience made me think about my food bucket list (things I intend to gorge on if I can ever eat anything I want):
- queso and tortillas
- Cheetos
- fondu
- root beer floats and milk shakes
- bread pudding
- deep friend ice cream
- banana spring rolls
- Vietnemese eggrolls and roll your own spring rolls
- Little Debbie Christmas Trees
- Starbucks caramel apple cider
- scones
- bagels lots and lots of bagels
- mac and cheese
- spinach and artichoke dip
- biscuit Chick-fil-a breakfast sandwiches
- loaves and loaves of fresh bread

I'm sure there are about 500 other things but those are the things I am thinking about tonight.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Life in 2011

For Christmas this year one of the things that everyone got in their stockings were tiny little pots and plant seeds (I got flowers, Chase got "moving plants" - plants that move when you touch them, and B got mini palm trees).

We planted them Christmas day and both mine and Chase's have started to grow! The tiny little shoots are so cute. I think B's may take longer because of the type of plant he got but I am a bit concerned about the bit of mold growing on top of his pot...


Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 Project

On December 31st I made a random unexpected decision to try the 365 project (why wait until the 1st when I could start right now...yes I am that impatient - seize the moment right?). I have seen a few people who have done it and it seems like a really cool idea! I probably won't post all of my pictures here because why post things twice, but if you want to see my photos you can check them out here.

Here is my first photo (yes, that is Chase's half eaten apple).

Also just because I am really excited - yesterday I welcomed in the new year by running 6.2 miles in 1 hr and 9 minutes! Yippee, I think a few of my friends and I are going to try to run the Boulder Boulder this year...more running updates to come. If anyone else has a 2011 run goal check out It is a cool way to track your running and you can track your progress in teams with other people.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Plans for 2011

So here they are, my 2011 goals (yes yes it is a lot - I think I broke the 2 - 3 goals rule - but a year is a long time and I plan on making the last year of my 20s a good one).

- I want to try to do spontaneous fun activities with Chase
- I am going to put some effort into how I dress / accessorize / look / etc (this is the first area of my life that I typically stop paying attention to when things get busy)

Here was my attempt to look cute on New Year's Eve Eve (my parents watched the kiddos so we could go out on a date night - we went to Maggiano's and played Settlers of Catan - it was a blast)

- I want to make at least 1 new friend this year - a couple friend or a friend who has a kiddo Chase can play with would be a plus (I feel like we have downsized a lot with how crazy life has been and that maybe it is time to put ourselves out there again)

Here is a picture of me with Capricious - my dearest friend - I suspect we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

- I want to get so good at my job that I can do an outstanding job with very little stress
- I really slacked in the photo department this year so next year I want to do a better job of taking photos

Here is a picture of me and B - it was another great year with him and I am looking forward to the next 1, 10, 20, forever...

- I want to try to start cooking a family dinner more often

- I want to run a race of some sort during 2011 (even just a 5K so I can say I've done it once)
- Be able to comfortably run 5 miles (I am at about 4 right now) and be able to run a 5K in < 30 minutes
- I want to master two out of the following four yoga poses (hurdler, forearm stand, handstand, or peacock)
- I am going to lose 5 lbs (which would put me lower then my pre-kiddo weight YIPPEE!)
- I want to take at least 1 adult ballet class and 1 Zumba class