Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We have been enjoying summer around here.  Chase has been to invention camp, movie making camp, and now spy camp. We still have a trip to the mountains planned and are trying to stay cool in the crazy heat!

Keira is full of personality as always...look at that little foot kick!

This year has been all about water play for her.  Now we are focusing on potty training eek!

We finally got around to getting a nice dining table. I like how homey it feels now. 

We have been working with Stark on being a well behaved dog citizen including staying nicely on the porch without a leash. 

Chase built this crazy gun out of brain flakes one day.

Nothing cuter then the family snuggling. 

Chase recently tested for his black stripe in karate. So proud of him!!!  He was amazing. 

More snuggling....

I have been pondering dying my hair...oil slick vs blonde ombre...crazy right???

The other day Keira and I went to sewing group for a delightful little tea party. 

It is so nice hanging with the gals. 

We took a family trip to the transportation museum as well the other day with Papa.

I can't believe we are almost at the 4th of July!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Books and Movies

Keira has been taking forever to fall asleep lately so I have been reading and watching chick flicks while I wait for her to pass out. 

Most recently I finished Me Before You. It is about a successful man who becomes a quadriplegic after an accident and the woman who is hired as his caregiver for six months. It was an interesting story. They are making a movie based on the book that comes out next summer. 

Now I am in the middle of the first Mortal Instruments book and after that I plan to read the third book from The Passage series. 

The most recent movie I watched was About Time. It was a super cute fun romantic comedy. Very enjoyable. I had been on a string of very heavy movies (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Other Woman - the version with Natalie Portman, Before We Go) so About Time was a nice change. I think The Danish Girl is next up as far as movies go. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

High Rollers

B and I were able to get away for a night to celebrate our anniversary thanks to our family. We went to Blackhawk and had a blast. 

If I were to have a vice it would definitely be gambling. 

We started with the penny slots which were just disappointing so we moved on to Roulette. I was totally hooked. At the beginning we tried $5 a spin but by the end of the night we were betting $100 a spin which was the max - cross high roller off my bucket list. Woo talk about adrenaline. At our max we were up $970 but in true gambling style we lost almost all of it and took home a meager $335. But hey it was a while night of adult fun so really we were just winners.

We stayed at the Ameristar which was really nice. They have a cool rooftop pool. The food was ok - not amazing - but the rooms were pretty nice. 

Happy 12 years to my amazing hubby! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cool Toys

So I found two completely useless items that would be super fun to own.

Glowforge is a 3D Laser Cutter / Printer.  Check out their website to see all the amazing things you can make. 

PancakeBot prints pancake art!!!  It would be cool to learn to manually make pancake art too but a printer has so much potential. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Where to start. It has been a crazy spring with many snow storms and yet my garden is is amazing and in full bloom. 

I am happy to discover that overalls are back in! They are too cute. 

We celebrated my mom's birthday.  She is the most amazing and generous woman. I am lucky to have her and it was fun to celebrate with her. 

We have started trying to do more spontaneous fun things with the kids so we took them to an arcade mid-week. 

Chase hit one of the jackpots on a machine and won this funny stuffed animal. 

We decorated our mudroom and hallway. I love it!

Chase got the worst fortune cookie ever. 

Stark got a much needed haircut. 

We had a great mother's day weekend. We saw the new Captain America movie, got drunk on mimosas at Linger (oh wait that was just me), celebrated with the moms in our lives, worked in the garden, had bagels for breakfast, what more could a mom want. It has been great. 

Here is the adorable garden art monster I got. 

And B spoiled me with jewelry. I never tire of Tiffany...

Chase wrote me the sweetest note ever. 

Keira gifted me with a night of sleep last night!

And a random funny picture of Keira from daycare. 

Happy mother's day to all the amazing moms out there. I know how hard it is! A special happy mother's day to my own mom who is the best there is and inspires me to try to be as great as she is.  I love you mom!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


April flew by! I can't believe it is almost over.  My tulips are in full bloom - love it!

I did some quilting with my HQ Simply 16. I love it but free motion quilting definitely takes a lot of practice to master. I feel like a kid with no fine motor control!

Not sure if you can even see this but it was the first practice quilt I did. 

Here is a selfie from a family night out dinner.

Keira and I went to Disney on Ice which was really fun. She loved her little light up toy. 

I went on my first business trip away from the kids ever. I was gone from Tuesday - Friday. It was so hard to be away. 

I went to Epic's campus for XGM.  It is amazing! Absolutely enormous and each building has a theme. My favorite were the new ones that they are building which are storybook themed. They had a Harry Potter building that was amazing!  They had the partial stairways and the rails were wands or had gems in them. There were little statues around and the cafeteria was a train station.

Here is a bad pic of some of the construction. 

B got me the prettiest flowers when I got home. 

We have been doing some redecorating lately. My favorite room now is our loft which is an adult sitting area now. 

Chase got a new bike! He is getting so big. 

Chase and B have been practicing with bows lately and Chase got his first bullseye. Yay!

Chase also rocked his board breaking at Karate recently. So proud of that boy!

Here is miss thing. She is hilarious. 

Monday, March 28, 2016