Saturday, April 23, 2016


April flew by! I can't believe it is almost over.  My tulips are in full bloom - love it!

I did some quilting with my HQ Simply 16. I love it but free motion quilting definitely takes a lot of practice to master. I feel like a kid with no fine motor control!

Not sure if you can even see this but it was the first practice quilt I did. 

Here is a selfie from a family night out dinner.

Keira and I went to Disney on Ice which was really fun. She loved her little light up toy. 

I went on my first business trip away from the kids ever. I was gone from Tuesday - Friday. It was so hard to be away. 

I went to Epic's campus for XGM.  It is amazing! Absolutely enormous and each building has a theme. My favorite were the new ones that they are building which are storybook themed. They had a Harry Potter building that was amazing!  They had the partial stairways and the rails were wands or had gems in them. There were little statues around and the cafeteria was a train station.

Here is a bad pic of some of the construction. 

B got me the prettiest flowers when I got home. 

We have been doing some redecorating lately. My favorite room now is our loft which is an adult sitting area now. 

Chase got a new bike! He is getting so big. 

Chase and B have been practicing with bows lately and Chase got his first bullseye. Yay!

Chase also rocked his board breaking at Karate recently. So proud of that boy!

Here is miss thing. She is hilarious. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More Vacation Updates

We have been so busy everyday we have all be crashing hard at night. Keira looked so cute snuggling her baby. 

We stopped for some ice cream...Keira wore her new nightgown. 

The San Diego zoo is amazing. It is so green and beautiful. We saw a baby orangutan and two baby monkeys. A newborn gazelle, koalas, a panda.  

Keira had to sit on almost every statue we came across. 

I didn't go on the below day trip but Chase went to some amazing tide pools and found some really cool shells. 

We also hit fashion valley while here and they had an Ugg store!!!  We need one in Colorado. 

But the best part. We missed a giant snow storm in Denver!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

San Diego

On Wednesday before we left for vacation B had a trip to the ER for Kidney Stones. He then had surgery on Thursday. We were still able to leave Saturday but it was a rough start to the vacation.  

We are happy to be at the beach now!

Holy splits Batman!

I love the succulents growing on the beach. 

Keira matched her donut this morning. 

...and the best photo of all...Keira's Victoria Secret beach shoot pose...

Photo Catch Up

The past few weeks have been busy!

I went to tea at the brown palace with friends. 

Keira has been go go go non-stop lately. 

I ordered some glasses and Rx sunglasses from Zenni Optical. They are super cheap and the glasses are great. I'm in love!

My HQ Simply Sixteen arrived!!!  It is amazing. I am sooo excited. I just want to quilt all day. 

Chase got his red belt - so proud of him!  He is on his way to his goal of youngest black belt ever. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Crafting Night

B and I crafted together!!  It was fun to try something new together. Felting is kind of addicting but we did stab ourselves quite a few times.

It was almost like a date night even though the kids were roaming around.

B's kind of looks like a cow and mine looks like a sheep (they are both suppose to be moose).

Overall definitely worth trying at least once!  The possibilities are endless. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Rest of February

Let's see, where to begin, Keira has still not been sleeping. That girl only sleeps for a few hours a night. It is terrible. The other day she passed out in the middle of us playing Rock Band on the floor because she was so tired. 

The kids had President's day off school so we hit the museum and Keira took her Dinosaur dig very seriously. 

The best part about getting stuff from Amazon is clearly the boxes!

We had a little Chinese New Year celebration and Keira let me put pony tails in her hair. She looks so grown up.

Stark has been adjusting to being an only dog quite well. He is very happy to spend additional time with all his people. 

My kiddos make the silliest faces for selfies. It is hard to get anyone smiling for pictures in our house but I try anyways. 

I hit the Chocolate exhibit at the museum with some friends.  Although I must admit my favorite part was the breakfast afterwards. 

We celebrated uncle Casey's birthday with some games and a delicious meal. 

But the most important update of the month...check out Keira's Jellies!!! It is a little bit of cuteness heaven. 

I also order a HQ Simply 16 - I can't wait for it to come. Expect many quilting posts in the near future!!!