Sunday, October 23, 2016


Sadie is such a sweetie...she is so mellow and gentle.


She loves napping with Keira...too bad Keira won't sleep.

Welcome to the family!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I have had the puppy bug for quite awhile...

We found a local breeder with an available Bernedoodle puppy!  I fell in love with her pictures...

There is something about her doggy smile and the look in her eyes that I can't resist.

She was destined to be mine!!!

She is 14 weeks old, and assuming all goes well we meet her and pick her up tomorrow...we have settled on the name Sadie.

Oddly enough right after we decided upon Sadie our neighbor's son brought home a little abandoned puppy.  It's raining puppies!

Adorable right?!

I hope she finds a home soon!

Hopefully Stark is as excited about his new sister as we are!!!  Get ready for an overload of cute puppy pictures. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lantern Fest

The other day we went to the Halloween store and Chase picked out this Zombie hat. Keira was so proud of herself for going to a store with scary noises. 

Keira has been playing doctor a lot lately. She calls her assistant "tweezer guy".  She looks hilarious in her toy glasses. 

We took the kids to the circus the other day. They loved it. It had big cats, motorcycles in a sphere, farm animals, horse tricks, trapeze, ice skating, tumbling, clowns, etc.  You name it they had it...they even had an evil queen which was Keira's favorite part. 

Stark has been such a snuggle love lately. 

Chase had his class picture taken.  He is getting so big.

Keira and Chase fight over the red hoodie dragon blanket all the time so I finally caved and bought Keira one too. 

Stark got his haircut this weekend, such a handsome boy.  Also we decided to get a bernedoodle puppy!!!  We pick her up next Friday. 

Here's a picture of her...I am in love already. 

We went to Lanternfest tonight. Sadly they cancelled launching the lanterns due to weather. We had a good time anyways though. 

Hopefully we will get a chance to attend a reschedule.

Girls Trip to Portland

I went on my first girls trip ever to Portland!

Sadly the trip got off to a bumpy start with a long flight delay.  I ate cheese and had some wine to help console myself.

We stayed at the Hotel Modera. It was nice but was a bit off the main shopping area so I think if I went back I would pick a different hotel.  The pearl shopping area was great so maybe something near there. 

The first day my friend was struck with the stomach flu which was a serious bummer but she was a trooper and we managed to wander around and shop.  I'm pretty sure you could shop in Portland for days.

We popped by The Nines and checked out their rooftop patio.  It had great views. 

That night we had dessert by the firepits at the hotel.

The second day we managed to squeeze the rest of Portland in to a short timeframe.

We started at the Rose and Japanese gardens.  They were beautiful.

The photos don't quite catch the way the sun was filtering through the trees. 

After that we Ubered to the Saturday market which was really fun.  It was right by the water and they had a bunch of craft vendors.  BTW I had never used Uber before this trip and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience.  

We also managed to hit Bamboo sushi for a light lunch and Powells books.  I must admit I was slightly disappointed in the book store. It was definitely large but it was almost claustrophobic there with all the crowds.

After resting a bit we hit a Dessert place called Papa Hayden which had an amazing selection. Sadly I was so congested from a cold I had I wasn't able to taste much but it was really fun anyways.  The food looked amazing too, definitely a place I would try again.

I think the only thing we really missed out on was the Portland food due to our illnesses but we made the best of it!

On the way back I got a foot soak / scrub and massage at the airport. It was a lovely way to help pass time!

I would definitely be willing to give Portland another try...especially when I can taste all the amazing food.