Saturday, September 25, 2010

Young at Heart

For Chase's birthday everyone dressed up as Superheros. I was Black Widow and B was Captain America. While we aren't nearly as good looking as these two...

...we tried...

Here we are with War Machine.

Even our dogs joined in the fun.

Chase was Iron Man but he managed to rock Wolverine claws too...

Hit Girl and Wolverine even showed up (so did the Hulk, Silver Surfer, Cyclops, another Iron Man, Batman, etc. it was quite the party!)

Happy Birthday Chase!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Years Old


Chase turns three tomorrow. Three, I can hardly believe it. Here are some things about my amazing kid.

- Chase is 100% addicted to Superhero Squad and he knows dozens of heros by name (here is him posing as a hero)

- His favorite game is Plants vs. Zombies (we got in trouble with daycare because he was talking about Zombies there)
- He can count to 30 in English, Spanish, and French and he knows all his colors in English and Spanish
- He learned how to draw stick figures this year
- He got light up Spiderman shoes for his birthday because at school when they were playing dress up and trying on dress up shoes he decided to try on some other kids Spiderman shoes instead of the play shoes

- Chase wanted Zhu Zhu pets, a monster truck, and a mini remote control car for his birthday
- Chase learned how to climb ladders at the playground this year and how to ride a tricycle and a scooter
- He is still at the age where he tells me he loves me every day
- He is no longer afraid of swimming in a pool
- His favorite person in the world is still his Grammy
- He still loves cars, fire trucks, police cars, etc.

- Chase has three pillow pets because he loves them so much
- He had his first big boy sleep over at Grammy and Pop's house this year
- Chase conquered the potty this year
- He loves the Zoo and the Wild Life Experience
- His favorite movie is Toy Story
- He inherited his daddy's natural charm and makes friends by the second

- When he writes his name he writes his a and e backwards (and sometimes the s too)
- Chase's new thing is that he says to me "No Mommy, here's the deal...." (great, I'm negotiating with a 3 year old)
- He loves playing with older kids (in fact here is a picture of him pouting at the park this evening because the bigger kids went off to play without him)

I must say parenting is the best adventure anyone could have! To celebrate we are having a Superhero costume party tomorrow - believe me you will want to see the pictures!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reversible Boy's Hoodie


I'm in LOVE with Kitschy Coo's reversible hoodie pattern! It was super quick and easy and it looks amazing! (Granted the pictures I took are terrible but just use your imagination).

- It only took me a few hrs to whip this puppy up
- I used snuggle flannel and the final hoodie is a really nice weight
- I am terrible at sewing in zippers!
- I ended up making the waist band and cuffs 6 inches tall instead of 5.5 inches
- The 3T fit Chase perfectly and he is on the small side so if your kid is bigger I would go up a size
- Apparently Jo Anns doesn't have a good selection of reversible zippers so I had to use a brass colored zipper which is definitely not my favorite but it worked with the fabrics I used
- I can't wait to make more of these (I think you could even easily modify the pattern to make a non-reversible hoodie)
- I wish she made this pattern for adults!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reversible Hoodie Pattern

I just bought this pattern, I have been eyeing it for months and I just realized it had been released! I am very excited about it.

Also, last night I made a cape for Chase's upcoming super hero party plus I put the final touches on my costume but I don't want to post any pictures until the party. =)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Apple Nano

I feel so spoiled! In support of the new workout plan I have been sticking to my husband surprised me with this...

All I can say is APPLE ROCKS!!!!

In other news I should have some exciting posts coming soon....
- I am making / buying a costume for Chase's third birthday / Halloween so picks of that soon
- I finished Ingenue and a matching hat but it is too big which is why there haven't been pics but I will take pics soon
- I am half way done with another ruffle sweater so pics of that soon
- I am well on my way to finishing the top of a fun circle quilt that uses a pretty cool new technique