Thursday, July 16, 2009

Twilight Hat - Free Pattern

I am a huge Twilight fan and I recently knitted myself a pair of “Bella’s Mittens” using Subliminal Rabbit’s pattern. I love the mittens and I want a pair in every color. Of course I decided that I needed a hat to match my new mittens so here is the pattern for the simple hat that I made. I loved the chunky earthy feel of the yarn in combination with the flirty fun crystal buttons. I hope you enjoy this project too!

If you would like a PDF copy of this pattern please just send me your email address and I would be happy to email you a copy.

Finished Measurements
Height: 7.5 inches
Width: 11 inches

- 1 set 24” circular needles size US 8
- 1 set size US 8 double-pointed needles
- Stitch markers
- Yarn Needle
- 2 buttons (5/8 inches)
- Sewing Needle
- Sewing Thread

Lion Brand Yarn
Wool-Ease Chunky
(80% Acrylic / 20% Wool; 153 yards / 5 oz / 140 grams)
152 Charcoal
About 1/2 a skein

16 sts and 20 rows = 4” in Stockinette stitch

Cast on 106 sts to the circular needles
R1 - 3: (Knit flat, do not join in round) [k1, p1] across the entire row
R4: k1, p1, k1, yo, k2tog, p1, [k1, p1] until the end of the row
R5 - 7: [k1, p1] across the entire row
R8: k1, p1, k1, yo, k2tog, p1, [k1, p1] until the end of the row
R9 - 11: [k1, p1] across the entire row
R12: Bind off 10 sts (96 sts remaining) k1 until the end of the row
R13: Join in round, k1 across entire row
R14: k1 across entire row
R15: [k2tog, k10] x 8 (88 sts remaining)
R16 - 18: k1 across entire row
R19: [k2tog, k9] x 8 (80 sts remaining)
R20 - 21: k1 across entire row
R22: [k2tog, k8] x 8 (72 sts remaining)
R23 - 24: k1 across entire row
R25: [k2tog, k7] x 8 (64 sts remaining)
R26 - 27: k1 across entire row
R28: [k2tog, k6] x 8 (56 sts remaining)
R29: Knit this row onto the DPNs; 14 sts per needle; k1 across entire row
R30: k1 across entire row
R31: [k2tog, k5] x 8 (48 sts remaining)
R32 - 33: k1 across entire row
R34: [k2tog, k4] x 8 (40 sts remaining)
R35 - 36: k1 across entire row
R37: [k2tog, k3] x 8 (32 sts remaining)
R38: k1 across entire row
R39: [k2tog, k2] x 8 (24 sts remaining)
R40: [k2tog, k1] x 8 (16 sts remaining)
R41: k2tog across entire row (8 sts remaining)
R42: k2tog across entire row (4 sts remaining)
Cut the thread leaving a 6” tail and thread it through the remaining 4 sts. Cinch, tie off, and weave in end. Using the other loose end, whip stitch the open edge of the brim to the hat where the hat is joined in round (closing the brim into a loop but leaving the button flap open). Sew on the two buttons and slip them through the yo holes. Wet block and you’re finished!


Shama D said...

I love Twilight and I love your hat!! Great job!! The buttons do a lot for it too!!
Good luck with your designs!! Would you send me the PDF? My email is

Bethany said...

This is such a cool hat, would you send me the PDF? My email is Thanks.

elaida said...

I love it! I just picked up some gorgeous buttons today that will work great with this pattern, thank you so much for posting it :)

Bloody Frieda said...

oh I love this - I'd like to make it for my niece who's a big fan of Twilight. Can you email me the PDF? Im at


bebe bird beck said...

You look adorable in your hat!

- I lovee twilight.
Cant wait for new moon!

Neesie said...

Love the pattern! Could you send me the PDF? My e-mail is Thanks.

Neesie said...

Love the hat! Could you send me the PDF to Thanks.

jessieg said...

Will be trying this soon! That's awesome! Do you knit anything seed stitch? I started a hat in seed stitch not based off any pattern, and wondered how it would look.

Sarah said...

well, i've never seen/read twilight but that really is a gorgeous hat!

angie leverence said...

please send me a pdf. this is a really cute hat. ;) love the twilight reference as well. great series.

Joan said...

Love love love this hat--Would you please send the PDF to Thank you joan

Anonymous said...

I love this hat and am a huge fan of the movie! Would love if you could email me the pattern. My email is


MH said...

I'm a beginner knitter and going to take on this hat as my next challenge (fingers crossed). Could you please email me the pdf at Thanks for sharing your talents!

Anonymous said...

hi im new at the whole knitting thing and i was wondering about row four wen it says k1, p1, k1, yo, k2tog, p1, and then [k1, p1] does that mean only repeat the [k1, p1]? and wat exactly does pdf stand for? u can reach me at

Anonymous said...

hi im new at the knitting thing and i was wondering on row 4 when it says k1, p1, k1, yo, k2tog, p1, and then [k1, p1] does that mean repeat only the [k1, p1]? and what exactly does pdf stand for? u can reach me at

Anonymous said...

I just finished the hat - and it is HUGE. I was concerned about the 106 stitch cast on - is that correct??

Katlyn said...

Hi - As far as the question about the size the cast on sts is correct, some of the are for the button overlap so the hat is actually smaller than the cast on size. If you would like a smaller hat I would recommend using smaller needles and adding a few rows between r13 and r14 for additional length. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

As I am not a skilled knitter I just followed the directions to a T. The overlap on the brim did not seem to tighten the brim sufficently. Smaller needles would certainly help but would they work with such bulky yarn?

pol_a said...

I am mad about Twilight and I love this hat !
Could you please send me the PDF ? My e-mail is

JesBird said...

I'd really like a PDF of this pattern; my email is --- thanks!

tenillemd said...

I would love a PDF of this Pattern.

Pls email to

PICTON43 said...

I would love a PDF copy of the twilight hat to knit for my teenage granddaughters, is charcoal the offical colour or does colour matter if it is twilight style. Please e-mail to

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing, woeld love to try for myself. :) Could you please send me the pdf? My email is jennytwosides(at)hotmail(dot)com. Thanx!

Carriey said...

I love your twilight hat. The buttons are really awesome!! ACn you send me the PDF version. My email address is Thanks so much!

Mary said...

Soooo cute, would you please send me the PDF? My email is - Thanks

dunnjaime said...

I am learning how to knit. I am trying to make your hat but I am stuck on row 4. Not sure if I am to repeat the whole row or just
[k1,p1] My email is
Thanks for your time...

angelbabee said...
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angelbabee said...

Hi can you please send me a pdf version. thanks.

K Simmons said...

could you please send me the pattern for the twilight hat and mittens? thank you so much!!!

Pippi Longstocking said...

I'd love the PDF for this hat.

Carla Nielson said...

Love this! Pls send me the PDF:

Relenned tap said...

Stuck on Row 4 like everyone else. Did anyone get an answer on how to do this?
I would love the PDF
Thanks for sharing!

Relenned tap said...

How do you do row 4?

Jessica Zeller said...

just finished this hat, and it's too small, length wise. was thinking about just adding rows to make it longer. would that help?

Jessica Zeller said...

making another one of these hats. to add length so it sits down farther like over my ears, do i just add rows to do that?

Belindacat said...

I would love a pdf of this hat.

Belindacat said...

whoops sorry, my email is

Vicki Webb said...

I would love to have a PDF of this Twilight Hat please.

Vicki Webb said...

My email:

Cindi Brewster said...

could youplease send me a pdf? i really love your pattern, the buttons add so much.

Mary Stapenek said...

Could you please send me a pdf of your pattern....very nice hat !!

lynn aleksich said...

Hi, love a pdf file of your hat
thank you, looks cute

Becki Sharp said...

I should have read the comments before I started, there is obviously something wrong with this pattern. I just wasted hours making a hat that is too wide and too short, I now have run out of time to make my brother a Christmas gift as I need to send it to Australia. Thanks. Next time, check your pattern works before you post it!

Jane Doe said...

Can I get the PDF instructions for this hat? Also can you tell me about the row 3 that everyone has inquired about. Is the repeat just for the bracketed portion of row 3? Also I believe you said if we wanted to add height to the hat, add rows between 13 & 14, is that correct? Thank you! Anxious to give this a go! My email is

Anonymous said...

PDF please.

Patricia Walkington said...

I would love to have a PDF pattern of this hat sent to

Thank you

dobarah said...

I've had this lovely pattern in my Ravelry queue since December of 2009. I'm planning on making it during this session of Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup...and a PDF pattern would certainly make that easier for me. I realize you are probably very busy, but when you have the chance, I would LOVE to have you send a pdf copy to dobarah at gmail dot com. Thank you!

Laurhorn said...

Please send a PDF of this pattern to

Adorable and Merry Christmas!

Laurhorn said...

Please send a PDF of this pattern to

Adorable and Merry Christmas!