Saturday, July 23, 2016

Norco Tournament

Chase decided to participate in the Norco Tournament last minute this year.

All the kiddos did great. I am amazed how they manage under such pressure. 

He sparred for the first
time in a competition. 

Thanks to Chase's amazing coaches at Omniform for all their help and support.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Movies and a Stripe

We have been on a movie streak. We caught the new Independence Day movie, Tarzan, and the Secret Life of Pets. 

Chase is the best movie buddy!

Keira enjoyed her second movie ever...

But the most exciting event was Chase getting his Black Stripe!!!  He also received an award for having the highest score on his written test and for being runner up for highest tester!  He is well on his way to Black Belt. So proud of him!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mountain Fun

We have been enjoying our break from city living. 

We celebrated a birthday - Happy Birthday Pearl!

Stark believes he is both a mountain dog and a lap dog. 

The Galaxy S7 Edge underwater camera worked really well.  It was a hoot.

We had a blast at the Rec Center pool. 

Lovely river view. 

Fourth of July Sparkler fun!  I love Fireworks. 

She is even Sassy when doing the most basic of activities haha.

Keira was nervous about the loud noises from some of the fireworks we did but thankfully she had Chase to snuggle. 

We even got in some water balloon fun!  The packs that fill quickly are worth every penny. 

Action shot of Chase dodging a balloon.

Other then the bugs the trip has been delightful. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Almont Colorado

We have been enjoying some time in the mountains. 

We went to the Secret Stash for some great pizza. 

Keira and Grammy did some baking. 

Chase and I did some fishing at the hatchery.  He caught two and I snagged one. 

It was really beautiful out there. 

I'm happy to have a fishing partner. 

If you look really closely at the below picture you can see tons of baby fish in the water. 

Stark loves it up here he is pretty sure he belongs in the mountains. 

He managed to find three snakes on a walk. 

Now the kids are enjoying some quiet time before the next adventure.