Saturday, July 22, 2017


I have been a terrible blogger but here is a catch up from the last few months.

I needed a piece of art for my office at work so Boris and I tried our hand at some acrylic painting.  I am pretty happy with how this one turned out.  I swear it looks even better in person.

Keira has been loving her scooter lately.  She does this funny pose with one leg up.

The kids have been having summer fun at the pool.  It is nearly impossible to get a photo of Chase anymore!  He makes goofy faces as soon as he sees a camera.

Keira has been loving going to birthday parties this year.  She can't wait for her own.

Chase and Pops had a Vikings and Pirates Pops' camp! Chase LOVES his time with his Pops.

Random cute guitar photo.

Keira started gymnastics and she loves it, she is fearless. She looks forward to doing her gymnastics and yoga (if you live in Denver, Kindness Yoga does "kids" yoga while moms do "adult" yoga in a separate room - it is blissful) every weekend.

We have been spending a lot of time at the Stanley Marketplace in Stapleton.  They have a ton of food options, some shopping, and exercise shops.  The kids love Sweet Cow Ice Cream so we have to make regular trips over.  My favorite is probably the Salt Bagels at Rosenberg's Deli.

Keira has very strong opinions about what she wears now. She saw this shirt at the gap and insisted on getting it.  Good thing she looks adorable in it.

Sadly Keira is in a tantrum phase....I can't wait for it to pass.

For Father's day we took Papa to Texas de Brazil.

Boris and his dad also rented sports cars and went for a drive in the mountains, they had fun.

I have the BEST team ever, we always have fun together.  For our summer team building event we went to an escape room (I did the Dorm of the Dead room).  It was a blast!

In fact it was so much fun I dragged the family back to do the Timescape room later that weekend.

We did some fireworks for the 4th of July, the kids loved it.

I gave Keira her first at home haircut, I cut off like 3 or 4 inches, not that you can tell....but she was very excited.

The highlight of the past few months was our recent vacation to Frisco with my parents. We had a great time.

Note:  Keira still managed some good pouting even on vacation.

We hiked to Rainbow lake where we saw some beaver huts and a beaver swimming in the water.

The last night Chase wanted to go to Breckenridge for Crepes so we went on a Mom, Dad, and Chase date.  It was fun and delicious!

I was on Facebook and saw this comic strip - Catana and it reminded me of Boris and myself....cracked me up.

I got my first YogaClub box!!  I was so excited. The first box was at a discounted price so I felt like it was a great deal.

I got a Y back bra from Manduka, it looked plain in the box but looks great on.

I got a Nux Take it easy tank in Peacock (which is teal but I couldn't find a picture of the teal one).  It is really cute on, not too clingy but the back is fun.

And the best part...I got these Tarot Magic leggings from Teeki which I LOVE!

Honestly I was so happy with the stuff I receive I think I will continue with the subscription another month to see if it is as good.

One more vacation to Michigan left this summer...and a birthday for a very excited little girl....then back into school, work, and the fall.