Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Amazing Night

Last night, giant snow storm and all, we still had my 30th birthday party. I was amazed that almost everyone braved the weather and came out. We played Dance Central and Rock Band, ate the most amazing food ever, and laughed our asses off! I haven't had that much fun at a birthday party since my 18th birthday!

Here is pic of my two dearest friends (party hostesses).

The round of shots...(I am TERRIBLE at taking shots and it didn't exactly go down smoothly).

And of course there were Vodka infused gummy bears (yellow bear was a regular bear and orange bear was a soaked goodness bear). They were a big hit!

I hope the rest of my 30s are as wonderful as the first night was!

Thanks for everyone who helped organize, my parents for hosting my kiddo, and everyone who dragged themselves out on a cold Friday night to wish me well.

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