Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Operation Play More

My blog has been in a rut lately....(is it the blog?)...or maybe it is just the that my life is in a rut. It is so easy to slip into the regular grind. I dropped Chase at camp on Monday and he sobbed and said he wished he could spend the day with me and then I went to work and had a really crappy day with crappy meetings that made what I have been working on for the last few months a total waste (this is the usual cycle at work)...and I kept thinking - why do I do this - it is NOT worth it!?

But now it is spring and the weather is amazing and the sun is out and everything around me makes me want to work less and play more. So (since quitting my job isn't practical) here are my spring and summer goals:

- Take Chase on a new adventure to do something different that we haven't done before at least every other week
- Go on a date with Boris (somewhere we have never been before because new things are fun!)
- Plan a vacation (this girl needs a get away)
- Start doing different exciting things on Kate Dates (I LOVE the good old regular Kate Dates but once Capricious and I talked about a Kate Date bucket list and I think it is time to get that thing going)
- Craft / Sew / Knit something - I need to be creative again
- Finish a book or two or three
- Finish my 10 mile run in April - maybe another one in May?
- Start biking or swimming (got to start somewhere if I want to do a Tri someday)
- Have spontaneous get togethers with friends and neighbors
- Lose 5 lbs (about time already...really...must be done - the pants say so)
- Stress about my job less (because it is just a job right?)

Yes, it does appear that I will somehow have to extend a regular day to accomplish all this - sleep less? be more efficient? spend less time feeling grouchy about work? I'm sure I will figure it out.

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