Friday, May 25, 2012

Chase's Graduation

Chase "graduated" from preschool today (not sure how I feel about a graduation for every year but it seems to be the trendy thing now a days).  Honestly I felt rather out of place in my jeans and sweater given that all the other moms were in teeny tiny little dresses / full make up / and heels.  Not to mention all the grandparents that had flown in for the event?!  I suppose I don't really fit in with the moms at Chase's school - granted I couldn't even motivate myself to go to my own high school or college graduations so maybe me and graduations just don't mix.  Chase had a good time although he was rather over stimulated by the event which resulted in some wild and silly behavior.  We ended the morning with lunch with Pops and a quick Skylanders level - the perfect way to wrap up a school year (or as Chase would say "only until Tuesday" when summer school starts).

Next year he is off to Kindergarden - wow!  

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