Friday, October 26, 2012

Coffee with Capricious

Capricious and I went out for our weekly "Kate Date" last night (although lately weekly has been a challenge). We had coffee at Starbucks and about an hour or so into the night I was telling a story about how I told Chase that Christmas was Jesus's birthday and how he was shocked by this new discovery. The guy next to us started chuckling and was like "I swear I wasn't listening in but you should put that on Facebook." He then proceeded to tell us how men and women have VERY different conversations with eachother and how he can tell we are very good friends.

It did make me wonder a little...I am very close with a few of my dearest girlfriends and I definitely can't imagine a set of guys having the types of conversations we have (there are literally no secrets between me and my bffs). Then I got to wondering if it is more that guys wouldn't have those types of connections or if it is really that most people in general don't have those types if connections with other people...

All I know is that am truly blessed to have besties that I can be myself around and say anything that pops to mind. We have seen eachother's best and worst and hopefully it will be like that forever!

Sending all my love to you gals today!

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