Monday, February 18, 2013

Postage Stamp Quilt

A friend of mine and I made this 35 inch x 45 inch postage stamp baby quilt using Oh, Fransson! Tutorial (it is an amazing technique for us OCD people who need perfect corners).  It took us about 4 hours to make the quilt top and about 1.5 hours to quilt it.

- We used featherweight interfacing and it worked well without adding much bulk to the finished quilt
- We skipped the grid (it isn't necessary)
- We also skipped ironing the rows before sewing them (all you need to do is fold and finger press and it works well and saves a bunch of time)
- When sewing your blocks together PIN PIN PIN if you want to have perfect corners
- There are a ton of variations you could do with this (you could put solid pieces in the shape of an X on each block which would give you a diamond pattern, you could do dog ears with a solid color which would make a different shaped block - snowball shaped, you could do a color fade or a pattern of colors rather then random, etc etc)

Here were our modifications:
- We used a jelly roll so we used 2.5 inch squares to start
- We used 12.5 inch interfacing blocks (Note:  If I were doing this again I would use bigger interfacing blocks to decrease piecing time at the end)
- Our blocks were 5 by 5 squares (10 inch finished blocks)
- We did a 5 inch border around the quilt

I highly recommend this tutorial / technique!  It is fast and easy and the quilts are adorable!

Happy sewing!

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