Friday, July 25, 2014

Salon Effects

I never paint my finger nails because when you have kids there just isn't enough time to properly let them dry.  I have tried gel polish before and it totally wrecks my nails and makes them peel and break. 

I decided to try Sally Hansens Salon Effects.

The application was really easy (took about 20 minutes) and the result is pretty impressive. I cut the strips in half because they were so long and so I will be able to get double the number of applications from a pack. Even if they only last a few days it is totally worth it!  Cheaper then a manicure and from my experience manicures chip in a few days anyways. 

The design I tried is a little funky for my taste but I wanted something fun. I got a glitter pack to try too but I am the most excited about the french manicure kit!

Update:  They lasted about 6 days before the nail growth bothered me enough to remove them. They just barely started chipping at 6 days also. They were easily removed with nail polish remover and don't seem to have damaged my nails at all. Overall I am happy with them. 

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