Friday, August 22, 2014

Jamberry Nails

My Jamberry nail shields came!  

I admit I was a little skeptical, primarily because I was worried about the complicated application process. Turns out it wasn't bad at all!  I was able to get them all on with no wrinkles my first try.  A hair dryer worked fine (no need for the heater). They were a little harder to file then some of the other ones but it still worked, it just took more time to get them smooth. 

They don't look quite as nail polish like as the Sally Hansen ones but they have a great high gloss finish to them. 

If they last a week like advertised I am sold. The fun patterns Jamberry have put them a bit above the rest in my opinion. 

Update:  So bummed they lasted like 2 days. Ugh!!!!

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