Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

I can't believe how close Christmas is!  We have already had our work party, most of the gifts are wrapped, and we have an upcoming neighbor party, phew things have been busy!  We thought Chase had given up on believing in Santa this year but out of the blue the other day he announced he changed his mind and that he wants to believe this year. Lol - I wonder if he is afraid he won't get gifts if he doesn't believe. 

This weekend B took me to see the Moscow Ballet perform the Nutcracker as an early surprise. It was really fun - I can see why every little girl (or grown adult in my case) wishes they had a sparkly tutu and tiara to dance in.  Who wouldn't want to be a ballerina??

Keira was so tired she passed out on the couch while watching tv...

Last night we had a little gift giving get together with a friend. He spoils our kids and always thinks of the perfect gifts. They were so happy! They even got a head start on grandparent gifts. It's good to be a kid!

We still have to squeeze in Zoo lights, maybe some baking if we can find the time, and some of my favorite holiday movies. 

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