Monday, February 9, 2015

Random Thoughts for the Day

Just a bunch of random things:
- I haven't been loving work lately so this morning I bought a Powerball ticket. $450 Million?  Yes please!
- B and I have been Tiny Home obsessed. It would be a perfect vacation home right?
- Being a parent is hard. Enough said.
- Part two of that is: weight loss sucks. Enough said.
- We are planning a beach vacation and I find my thoughts drifting to it regularly...
- The bulbs we planted in the fall are starting to bloom Wahoo
- I really want a fairy door and fairy garden!  So fun.
- I am pondering a DIY barn door for my laundry room.
- I hate booking summer camps #unneededstress
- The weather has been amazing I am ready for Spring

Off to wrangle children...

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