Friday, August 19, 2016

Keira Turns 3!!!!

Happy birthday to my spunky little fireball!

If only we could all enjoy life as much as 3 year olds...

Keira was spoiled with some amazing gifts from our family and friends!

Look it's a glimpse into the future...

I love her new #girlboss shirt - she knows how to rock it.

She initially wanted icecream but switched to a cake last minute.

She had a bit of everything on her cake...

Post birthday weekend and some time with Grammy she was so tired we couldn't wake her. B tried vacuuming to wake her but she just covered her ears and slept on.

Today Keira and I had a mommy and K date and we went to see Ice Age Collision Course.

She had a great time and tried to take a picture with the Troll movie add but was too short. 

Now time for the weekend!!!

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