Thursday, March 16, 2017

Q1 2017 - Gone already

I am not sure what happened but an entire quarter managed to escape me!  Here is a long photo update.

Chase is doing great - I can't believe he is already half way through 4th grade!

Random pic of myself that I used for a work head shot.

Breakfast at Chick Fil A - hug or choke hold?

Everyone likes to rock out in a tiara right???

Keira and her dolly friend - dressed to match.

We have entered the F-ing fours early - giant tantrums all the time - this particular one was because I put toothpaste on her toothbrush - I'm so evil...

Keira has her own sense of style.

For my birthday my amazing co-workers decorated my cube with grumpy cats, queso, and candy!

Heart hair just for fun...

Cute kiddo pics!

Chase is the best movie buddy ever - I can always count on him to go with me.

Passed out - it's the only way she sleeps.

Poor girl bonked her head on the banister!  That bump grew in a few seconds!

Valentine's day was a hit this year, not as much fun as Halloween but close.

My aunt got a new puppy - it is so cute - the kids sure love little Tippy,

Keira picked this outfit out at the mall for Easter - she is such a princess.

...and this is what she wears when I let her pick her outfits...

We saw Kong which was fun.

A pic of the whole family for Chinese New Year.

Keira playing at my aunt's house - science fun.

Sadie is getting so big!  Keira sure does love a dog pile.

Keira is learning to write her name - very exciting.

Grandmas and the girls.

Last but not least - Stark sure does look comfy doesn't he?

In other exciting news B will be starting his own consulting firm - Pivotal Moment Consulting!  Wish us luck on our new adventure.

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