Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's Hot and What's Not

At work our team does this thing where we review "What's Hot and What's Not" - it is basically a way to quickly review what is going on with everyone without doing the typical painful "round robin".  That being said, here is a "What's Hot and What's Not" update on Chase.

- Chase has been doing this adorable thing lately where he describes anything he doesn't like or doesn't want as "hot" (which is what inspired this blog entry).  We will be feeding him something and if he doesn't like it he says "hot" and refuses it.  Or this morning he tripped over a cord and he pointed at the cord and said "hot".  Apparently he things that the word "hot" means "bad".  Hmmm maybe I can use this to my advantage and tell Chase that outlets are "hot".
- Chase has been introduced to Chocolate and he LOVES it.  He says "choc-at" and gobbles it up.  Very cute.
- Chase is in size 4 shoes!
- Chase LOVES Graham and while Graham was on vacation Chase would ask "Uncle?  Uncle?".  Now he asks "Uncle Uncle?"  any time I pick him up from daycare or he wakes up in the morning.  It is becoming on obsession.  This morning I spent all morning listening to "Uncle?  Da da?  Uncle?  Da da?" and I had to explain that Uncle isn't here and Daddy is asleep upstairs.  Then it turned into "Da da Up Stairs?  Uncle?  Da da Up Stairs?  Uncle?".   Sometimes he even throws in a "Pops?" (which is how he refers to Grandma and Grandpa) or "Mo Mo" (which is our fish).
- Chase is finally old enough to enjoy playing with other kids - play dates here we come!

- Chase has learned the power of the word "No".  So now when I put him in his crib for nap I leave the room to a chorus of "No No No".  Or when I try to change his diaper - "No No No".  *Sigh*.
- I think Chase is entering his terrible twos.  The other day when we left the park he threw a full on tantrum because he didn't want to leave.  He even refused to sit nicely in his car stroller so it took me forever to get him home because I had to either carry him or try to get him to walk (which usually resulted in him walking back towards the park and me having the pick him up again).

Here is an update on me.

- I have been doing a lot of crafting which makes me very happy.  Right now I am trying to crochet a bag - it is my first attempt at making my own pattern and it isn't really going well but I'm still excited.
- I have been kicking serious butt in Dominion lately.  (Boris has been throwing fits about it).
- Hanging out with friends over break.
- I came up with a great idea for an iPhone app so Boris, Graham, and I are going to put it together!  Boris is currently trying to learn how to program an app.
- My mom is back in town!  Grandma baby sitting is the best!

- I am still sick and they have no idea what it is.
- I have to go back to work.  The biggest bummer about this is that while I have been at home resting my life has actually gotten somewhat closer to a normal life but I know that as soon as I start exhausting myself with work my illness will once again kick my butt and it will be back to being in bed by 7 or 8pm.  How depressing....
- I still can't exercise due to above mentioned illness.
- I am waiting for some craft supplies I ordered and they aren't here yet!!!

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