Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Moments

Our family had a bit of a rough holiday this year, I won't get into the details but I thought that instead of posting all of my holiday complaints I would post Chase's top hilarious / touching / aren't 2 year olds wonderful moments.

Moment 1)
Earlier today B and I were upstairs and Chase was downstairs decorating his brand new "house". He kept saying he was doing his "work". Chase suddenly started yelling up to us "Red Face...Mommy See Red Face...Look at Red Face!!!". I had NO CLUE what he was talking about until he came running upstairs....

Apparently I didn't learn my lesson because this is what Chase's face looked like later in the afternoon....

Here is the lovely house that he decorated.

Moment 2)
We were driving to my parent's house for Christmas and Chase kept pointing at a homeless man saying "What's that mommy what's that...." He was insistent because I think it looked out of the norm to him, so I said "Chase some people don't have homes..." and he said "That's really sad mommy". It made me tear up...I am amazed at how young of an age kids notice things like that.

Moment 3)
My aunt and her two daughters were kind enough to watch Chase while B and I grabbed dinner at our favorite restaurant and while we were picking him up and getting him changed into his jammies he proudly announced to everyone "Look at my pee pee it's huge!" LOL...apparently even 2 year old "men" think that size matters.

One last thought, we keep asking Chase what he liked the most about Christmas and he says "the CAAAANDY" in a drawn out adoring voice.


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Chance said...

I love that boy! What a cutie!