Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Plans


What does 2010 have in store for me? Of course there are the typical things such as being a good wife, good mother, good friend etc, but here are a few additional things I want to try to take on.

- For the last 3 - 6 months I have spent a lot of time thinking about what it would be like and what it would take to be able to quit my job and be self-employed. I am still a few years out because that goal isn't realistic until Chase is in school but that leaves me a few more years to start planning / preparing. So 2010 will hopefully be my first steps in that direction. Specifically I want to focus on seeing if there is anything specific that I can market (I am a rather unfocused crafter and if I am going to try to get a little business going I probably need a theme and consistency). Then in 2011 and 2012 I want to try to actually get my Etsy shop going.

- Another goal of mine is to actually put some thought into my blog. Typically I just post whatever is on my mind, in 2010 I want to be a bit more thoughtful about whether or not readers would enjoy reading the posts. I think if I eventually want to start some kind of homemade shop it would be nice to have a blog following to share ideas with.

- I would like to learn a bit more about photography and digital art design. Both topics have always interested me.

- Lastly, I would like to try to get healthy again. I have let that ball drop ever since I had Chase and got sick but it is time to pick it back up again.

What are your plans for 2010?

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Chance said...

I want to sew more!