Monday, March 8, 2010

Sewing Room Facelift

Yesterday I had the spontaneous urge to work on fixing up my sewing room. I spend so much time in here that I want it to be a fun space.

The first thing that is being tackled is the crummy lighting situation. My husband and his best bud are in the process of putting up 3 new fluorescent lights. Let's just say that two of them are up right now and it looks like a mid-summer day in here...

Here are the fabrics that I picked, yes they do somewhat burn your eyes if you stare at them but I promise they are just accents =). I am going to make some curtains and we are taking down the closet doors and covering them with curtains too. I am even going to make little skirts for all my tables so that you can't see the clutter under them.

Also here is a glimpse of one of the many projects I have going right now. I am making another Butterick bag only this time I am making a billion modifications to the bag (the most important one being that I am making it large enough to fit my laptop).

PS: I found this cabled headband and I think when I get back to knitting I will have to make is adorable!



jessieg said...

I want to make that headband too! Love the bag. So jealous of you sewing ladies.

Chance said...

Love the bee fabric & the bag! So excited about the sewing room!

Poucher Photo said...

I can't wait to see the new sewing room! Very pretty!