Thursday, April 15, 2010

Car Show

Wow, I have been vacant from the blog / Facebook world for so long that just about every blog I follow had an update since I last checked! Things have just seemed busy lately...and yet I have very little to show for it.

So what I have been spending my time doing?
- Work has been busy again so that has eaten up a lot of time
- I started playing around with creating a digital scrapbook or two
- I got a new Nook and have managed to read two books recently
- I finished knitting Cloudy Sunday only to realize that the sizing was a bit off on the pattern and the sweater is HUGE =(
- I started knitting another wrap (although it makes me feel like I should finish the other one I have going)
- I have been sleeping a lot...which is honestly probably where most of my blog time has been going
- I did finally finish quilting the baby quilt I was using for my tutorial so part 2 of the tutorial should be coming in the next day or two

In the mean time, here are some Chase pictures from a car show we went to last weekend.

This is what a 2 year old looks like when they decide to break out into robot like dance moves in the middle of a crowded car show. He drew quite a bit of attention with his wild moves...the video of it is definitely priceless.

If you have been wondering why there aren't nearly as many Chase photos as there used to be, one of the reasons is that every photo now looks like this...CHEEEEESE! I just wish saying cheese didn't make the kid look like he was in pain!

Chase totally dug being able to push all the buttons and play in all cars...apparently a love of cars can be passed down from father to son.


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