Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quick Easy Baby Gift

When Chase was little he loved being swaddled and one of my favorite swaddling blankets was a snuggle flannel handmade blanket because it was twice the size of a typical swaddler and was much easier to get the kiddo wrapped up in. Especially once Chase was a bit bigger.

If you have a serger these blankets are so easy to make and they are the perfect last minute gift. Each blanket is about 1 yard of fabric (approximately 34 x 40 inches), I don't think the exact size really matters as long as it is on the larger size. I just squared up the fabric and then rounded the corners (I used a single layer of fabric because I was afraid if I did a double layer they would shift in the wash). On one of the blankets I used a rolled edge and on the other I did a typical 4 thread overlock stitch and I think they are both adorable. I added a tag to mine just so they looked a bit more finished but that is totally optional.

With so many fun snuggle flannel prints out there now you could easily do coordinated sets of swaddlers. These are gifts for two different babies which is why they don't match =)


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Jo said...

Cute! I'll be making a bunch of those for myself for hypothetical number two child - I hated those teeny weeny swaddling blankets!