Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Birthday Came and Went

I am officially in the last year of my 20s (30s here I come). This year my birthday was fairly bland although after all was said and done I did end up with a great girls night dinner, some special sparkly lip gloss, some great books, Beauty and the Beast, a fun crocheted scarf, really cool wishing paper (which I hope works soon so that we can move), a gift card to Lululemon (because can one ever have enough Lulu in their lives), an iTunes gift card, yummy smelling soaps, some moolah, some amazing asian food and delicious cake. So I guess for all my complaining it was a pretty good haul. Also B got me a new ring setting for Valentine's day / my birthday - it is being set now I can't wait to get it back!!!

Hopefully this year is just prep for my amazing 30s =)

PS: Due to life stress I have totally fallen off the blogging wagon (and a few other wagons like the weight loss one and the taking pictures one and the crafting one - you get the picture) but slowly but surely I hope to reclaim my hobbies!

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