Thursday, March 17, 2011

Girly Books Galore

Last weekend I went to see Red Riding Hood with my cousin - it was one of those bad but fun movies. While I was there I saw previews for Water for Elephants and Something Borrowed - both of which I will end up seeing.

Both of the movies are based on books so I spent quite a bit of time with my nook this week and finished reading them both.

I enjoyed Water for Elephants but I am pretty excited to see the movie because I think some of the circus imagery will be even better then the author was able to describe.

Something Borrowed was one of those interesting books where a lot of women out there probably relate to the main character and have moments where they feel like her (of course the characters in the book are blown WAY out of proportion to what probably really happens in real life - but the basic traits are ones that I am all too familiar with). I am not sure the movie will be able to capture some of the character details as well as the book but we will see.

I can't wait to log some time in the theaters.

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jessieg said...

I read both of those too! I didn't realize they made Something Borrowed into a movie. Where have I been?