Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mommy Monday

Boris has band practice every Monday so we have "Mommy Mondays" around here which usually involves some kind of fun activity. Past Mommy Mondays have included Monkey Business, Ice Cream, Dinosaur Pizza, Red Robin, etc.

This week Chase and I went all out and we took our first trip to Chuck E Cheese followed by watching the Incredibles. Chase loved it - there is nothing like collecting tickets and winning prizes (and I must admit I am still a Skee Ball addict).

We are very serious gamers...

We didn't get any food so honestly it was a fairly cost effective way to spend 1.5 hrs, I think we made it out of there for about $8 worth of tokens (and most importantly in Chase's mind we left with a few little plastic toys).

Note to all you moms out there - go to their website (there are printable coupons).

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