Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saved by a Dongle

Tonight my life felt a little too much like a page out of a stereotypical nightmare...

I had a meeting that I had spent days preparing for - I was going to do a demo to about 30 Anesthesiologists of a new electronic billing form and the discussion was the main agenda item for the meeting.
Handouts - Check
Laptop - Check
Screen - Check
Projector - Check
WiFi - Check
Form in a test environment - Check

I get there to set up (mind you for a 6 - 8pm meeting which is a bummer in itself) and WHAAA?!?! My wireless card doesn't work on my work laptop!!! I spent half an hour trying to get it to work or trying to find another laptop. I was finally able to secure a Mac ProBook (woohoo) only to discover that Macs can't hook up to projectors without a dongle (BOOOOO). So I ran to the Mac store (literally on foot) and bought a dongle (except oh yah I had to buy two because apparently there are different types).

An hour later we finally got the Mac hooked up to the projector (again woohoo) only to have the projector repeatedly shut down from overheating - seriously we had to stop for like 10 minute breaks 4 times (BOOOOOO).

All I needed was to be in my underwear or to have a giant stain on my shirt or food in my teeth and the night would have been very nightmare-esk. I keep telling myself "at least you didn't cry, at least you didn't cry".

Oh and the best part - I have to do it all over again tomorrow for a different group of Anesthesiologists!

Seriously this is what my week has been like! Friday evening can't get here soon enough.

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