Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Walkydog Review

Apparently this little powder puff loves me more then I would have guessed. Stark and I left on our regular bike ride but this time Jaxx was out in the garage with G and B. When I left I guess Jaxx took off and was frantically running around trying to find me (he wasn't at all comforted that G and B were still with him)!  Poor thing!  So when I got home I ended up taking him out for a bike ride/run too and he loved it!

Walkydog Review:

So far I would say our new Walkydog gets an A. Installation was a snap and it is really nice to be able to take the device on and off within seconds.  The only two things are that 1) I think we need to get a leash extension for Stark because he is afraid of running so close to the bike and 2) we need a leash extension for Jaxx bcause he is so short (both problems solved with 1 simple fix). As far as safety though the Walkydog is perfect, left hand turns are a lot easier when you aren't worried about riding over your dog and really the way the attachment is designed, Stark (who is over 60 lbs now) can't pull me over even if he is trying to get at another dog or a bird. As long as you are moving it is very stable (when you are stopped a big dog could definitely knock you over).  If you want to regularly bike with your dog I highly recommend a Walkydog.

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