Monday, May 6, 2013

Dragon Vest Pattern

I bought the Dragon Vest Pattern by Puperita on Etsy and I would say this pattern was an epic fail and I would not recommend it. The construction is complicated and not slick at all and involves hand sewing ick. The zipper installation seems like the worst possible technique ever - I will never do a zipper like that again - it looks terrible. It also has a lot of opportunity for human error (for example my zipper doesn't line up quite right so my seam in the front is a little crooked and the zipper doesn't end at quite the same height). The final product does have potential though so I think I am going to try to use a construction technique from another pattern I have and see if it turns out any better.

The only good thing about this vest is that Chase is super sweet and said "It's okay mommy no one will notice - I still love it and will still wear it!"

Thank goodness for loving 5 yr olds right?!

PS. Chase's serious model face is hilarious.

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PUPERITA said...

I'm so sorry for your disappointment. I receive many wonderful pics and feedback for this pattern.
If you you had sent an email on how installing the zipper, I would have helped you with pleasure.
At last, your sweet son was happy, and that is important! :)