Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reversible Ruffle Jacket

I bought a sewing pattern off Etsy from PeekabooPatternShop for a reversible ruffle jacket. Let's just say that mistakes were made on this project and it definitely isn't my best work but the final product is still cute.

Here is what I would do differently next time:
- First I decided I wanted a warmer coat so I used a layer of flannel inside the sleeves and skirt and fusible fleece inside the bodice. This was a huge mistake - it made the project very bulky and made the button holes look like crap because it was so thick. My recommendation would be to settle for a light weight coat. It will make the project so much easier.
- Another thing that was slightly annoying is that the sleeves are so tiny they are really hard to attach to the ruffle and the can be done but be prepared to spend some time on it. Also at the end you have to hand stitch the sleeves closed. Blegh I hate hand stitching!
- The coat skirt isn't that full - it is barely wider then the bodice so if you want a more poofy look add some width to those pieces.
- The pattern called for 4 buttons but I like the 2 button look much better - besides who wants to take the time to button baby into 4 buttons?
- Lastly the pattern came with a matching hat pattern but since I'm not in love wih how bulky this winter warm coat is I opted to skip the hat until I make a lighter weight version.

I do love me a reversible anything though so that is a major perk of this pattern! I wonder if making a larger size would be easier...

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