Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Sneak Peek - DIY Despicable Me Minion Costume

I haven't made a costume since Chase's superhero birthday party so this year when he said he wanted to be a minion I decided that I wanted to make a costume (the ones you can buy aren't that great).

So after much Google searching and a few ideas of our own here is the final product we came up with. I am really happy with it!

Here is how we did it:
- We used a domed trashcan for the form (found one at Home Depot).  To prep the trashcan you have to tape the rotating flap closed, cut off the bottom of the can, cut arm holes in the side of the can, and cut a hole to look out of (we used a jig saw to do that).  We also drilled little holes in the top of the head to put the hair in later and we used sandpaper to scuff up the plastic so that the spray adhesive would hold better.  Lastly we drilled sets of holes in the front and back on each side to use to loop ribbon through and create shoulder straps to hold up the costume on Chase's shoulders.
- We used spray adhesive to cover the trashcan with fleece.  We did two layers (a white layer and then a yellow layer).  The fleece stretches pretty well so we were able to get it around the dome and the trashcan with just a single seam up the back.
- I made the mouth out of craft foam and then we used some fleece wrapped around the edges to create the lips.
- I sewed the overalls out of denim (the bottoms I made like PJ bottoms and then I just sewed rectangles on the front and back and straps and a pocket).  For the logo I used black material and double sided fusible webbing.
- The goggles are made out of two styrofoam discs with the middle cut out and then covered in silver Duck tape and the strap is just black fabric - I may add silver thumbtacks around the sides if I have time.  We used white foam behind it with a hole for the eye.
- The hair is pipe cleaners stuck through the holes in the trashcan.
- Accessorize with black shoes, black mittens, and a yellow long sleeved shirt underneath.

I hope you have fun if you are making your own costume - it is really fun and worth the time and effort!  Just beware that it costs a lot more to make this costume then it would have to buy one.

Here is a picture without Chase in it...still hilarious...

Too cute right???

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