Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's So Fluffy!!!! DIY Unicorn Costume

Here is another Halloween costume peek!  I am going to be Agnes and Keira is going to be the fluffy unicorn.  This is the first time I have sewn anything with this type of fabric. 

Luckily fluffy fabric is very forgiving so your cuts and seams don't have to be that exact.  

I modelled the hood after a hoodie and just embellished with a mane, ears, horn, eyes, and mouth. Everything but the horn and eyes were sewn into a seam of the hoodie (and the nostrils were embroidered on at the end). The body is just a tube of fabric with elastic at the top and bottom with a tail out the back seam (for the tail and mane I used loops of fabric that I cut into thinner strands after sewing them into a seam). The pants I modelled after some fleece pants and the sleeves were taken from another pattern I have. I sewed circles of fabric to the bottoms of the pants and sleeves to make them look like hooves. 

The hardest part about this costume is going to be getting Keira to wear it (she hates it).

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