Sunday, December 13, 2015

Blog Catch Up

Things have been busy this winter!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year.

Nothing like good food with family!

B went on a business trip for the first time in awhile and Chase and I of course had to take a selfie to send to him.

One of the few naps Keira has taken - caught on camera...

This year Keira and I went to Frozen Disney on Ice with a friend - Keira was mesmerized.  A fun time was had by all.  Lights, candy, Frozen songs oh my!

We decided to give Chase his big Christmas present for this year early.  Who doesn't want a 6 foot bean bag? I must say it is pretty amazing and big enough for about 3 of us to cram on at once.

We also had our neighborhood Christmas party and Keira got to meet Santa for the first time.

I love this picture it looks like Keira is telling Chase a secret.

It sure is hard to get a good picture of both kids!

Looking forward to Star Wars coming out!  I am making B watch movies 4 - 6 to get caught up!

Now it is just finishing wrapping presents and getting ready for the holiday!  I can't wait.  For some reason I am really excited this year!

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