Sunday, May 15, 2016

High Rollers

B and I were able to get away for a night to celebrate our anniversary thanks to our family. We went to Blackhawk and had a blast. 

If I were to have a vice it would definitely be gambling. 

We started with the penny slots which were just disappointing so we moved on to Roulette. I was totally hooked. At the beginning we tried $5 a spin but by the end of the night we were betting $100 a spin which was the max - cross high roller off my bucket list. Woo talk about adrenaline. At our max we were up $970 but in true gambling style we lost almost all of it and took home a meager $335. But hey it was a while night of adult fun so really we were just winners.

We stayed at the Ameristar which was really nice. They have a cool rooftop pool. The food was ok - not amazing - but the rooms were pretty nice. 

Happy 12 years to my amazing hubby! 

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