Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Shrug, A Sweater, Jewelry - I just can't stick to one project

So I have been busy starting crafting projects and not finishing them.

The list of my half finished projects includes:
- A crocheted sweater (about 50% done)
- A crocheted shrug - which I hope to wear this Saturday (about 75% done)
- Two crocheted bags that just need linings
- A bunch of silver pieces that need to be sanded and finished (I did finish three pendants and bracelet already but I have a few other pieces left - plus I want to make more)
- I found a dress I want to sew
- I need to finish Chase's scrapbook
- Oh yah and I am suppose to be getting ready for a craft fair that I have done nothing for because I've been busy making stuff for myself - whoops...

I would include pictures of all these projects but I broke my camera =(

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