Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terrible Twos - I hope I survive

Chase just recently hit full on terrible twos (I swear it happened over night). This age is exhausting and definitely tries my patience!!! Here are some of the things Chase has started doing that makes me realize I need a parenting book ASAP!

- Chase will look at us and say "No Chase!" and then he will proceed to do something he shouldn't be doing such as throwing food on the floor or playing with an outlet.

- Chase has started throwing things at both people and dogs and he is so good at throwing that it really hurts!
- The poor dogs are constantly getting attacked by our 18 month old, he always wants to give them hugs and kisses, but just recently he also started to fight with the dogs for toys which usually leads to screaming at the dogs "NO BUGGY, NO JAXX!"
- There has been a lot of screaming in general...
- Whenever Chase gets mad (like if he is trying to do something he just can't quite do yet such as stacking cups from largest to smallest) he gets really frustrated and will either chuck whatever he is mad at across the room or he will scream at it (again with the screaming).
- We unfortunately spoiled Chase while he had Pneumonia and now at times he will stand in front of the TV and want us to turn it on "TV ON TV ON TV ON", he will then stand in front of the couch and say "Couch Couch Couch" until he is seated on the couch next to mom.
- If I hear "STICKER STICKER STICKER" or "SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS" one more time I may lose my mind (I'm sure it will happen tomorrow).
- Chase had his first public tantrum while we were leaving Target the other day.

But for all that I realized that nature is pretty darn sneaky because for every annoying thing Chase does he does an absolutely adorable thing that makes my heart melt (hence the survival of our species)...


Non-Terrible Two Chase Moments:
- I have a polar bear collection from when I was a kid and Chase found the largest of the bears and he decided that it was the daddy bear since it was so big - he has since named the bear "Boris Bear" instead of daddy bear since Boris is his daddy's name.
- Chase has started to learn his colors, his favorites used to be red and pink but green and purple are now making a move into first.
- We like to build a lot of towers in our house (out of blocks, out of dice, out of Legos, out of anything that is stackable) and recently Chase has started copying whatever tower Boris or I build. If we build one that is two blocks wide and 4 tall he does the same, if we build a wall of 6 blocks across and 2 high he does that. If he isn't mimicking our towers he is adding to them - very sweet.
- For some reason Chase loves the map and backpack song from Dora the Explorer.

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Chance said...

"Boris Bear"...how cute! purple is replacing pink...too funny! I love that kid!

Just think...it could be worse...terrible twos while you are potty training...