Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of the blogs that I follow (Philigry) is doing a free give-away! The fabric samples that she is giving away are really great - how exciting. It makes me think to myself that I should do one, then again I am not sure that I have a big enough of a blog following to make it worth it.

In other news, my life recently has been consumed by 1) a bummer of a flare in my illness - which I am blaming on the weather and 2) trying to decide what to do about our house. Do we buy an existing house, build a new house, or try to stay where we are and fix up the house? So many choices!!! It makes my brain hurt. Hopefully in the new week or two we will make a decision.

Lastly a Chase update. Chase has been adorable lately - that kid says the cutest things. He is starting to get better at sentences, today he said "I love you Mommy" - so sweet! His favorite book right now is "Katy No Pocket" and he is starting to become afraid of things. He is currently terrified of the picture of a T-Rex in one of his books.

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