Sunday, April 12, 2009


Chase had quite the Easter experience this year. He is such a spoiled baby! In addition to his basket he ended up with Farm Mega Legos and a Thomas the Train set.

Here is Chase at the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. It was really fun and there were only 3 kids in the 0 - 2 year age bucket so they all ended up with a boat load of eggs. Chase didn't really get the hunt part at first - he would go pick up eggs and open them and let the contents drop to the floor. It wasn't until the very end that he started putting them in the bag. He did find the special silver egg which won him some sidewalk chalk.

This morning we started the day by giving Chase his Easter basket. He was very excited and he ended up dumping it all on the floor because he figure that it was the fastest way to get at everything. Our neighbor had given us a pair of Elmo slippers which we had put in the basket and Chase was thrilled and wanted to put them on right away. As soon as we put them on he decided that they were terrifying and he wanted them off - he is now scared of them (I think the stickers and candy and snacks were Chase's favorite part of his basket).

Later in the day the whole family came over for another Easter egg hunt (which Chase started before anyone arrived since the eggs were all over), brunch, and games. Chase had a splendid time and he received a singing Easter bunny which he enjoyed at first but is now scared of (that seemed to be a theme today).

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Karen said...

Your pics are great! Easter was so much fun this year - I just love this age!!! We leave this week for CA! Keeping my fingers crossed for warm weather!!!