Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Too Dark!!!

I have the best Chase stories today. He was hilarious all day long.

Story 1: It's Too Dark!!!
This evening Chase was playing in our bed and he was making "caves and tunnels" in our bed covers. He kept going in the tunnel and wanting Boris and I to go in too. So I went in with him and pull down the covers a bit and his eyes got as huge as saucers and I asked Chase if he was scared and he said "YES!!! It's too dark!!!". After that he decided the dark was delightful and he spent them next half hour burying himself in the covers and covering his face. He his now a big fan of tunnels - I should get him a tent.

Story 2: Wipes for Everyone
Earlier Chase got ahold of a wet wipe and the first thing he did was go get his bear, wipe its butt and say "EWWW". He proceeded to do that a zillion times (I even have video footage of it). After that he used the wipe to clean the floors, carpet, couch, etc. Apparently being a neat freak is genetic and can be passed to ones children.

Story 3: Tickle Monster
Boris and I were tickling and rough housing with Chase and he would copy everything I did. So I sat on Boris's tummy and Chase sat right in front of me and jumped up and down on Daddy. Then I blew raspberries and Boris and Chase did the same. Then I said I was the tickle monster and started tickling Chase and now he runs after Boris and I saying "Tickle Tickle" and making little crab hands at us.

Story 4: Binkie Swear
Today Boris tried to teach Chase how to "pinky swear" so he kept saying "Chase to you pink swear?" and Chase said "Yes", pulled his "binkie" out of his mouth and gave it to Boris.

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