Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Vacation Highlights

I love vacationing with the entire family (including built in Grammy and Aunt Kathy babysitting). We are currently wrapping up a week in Breckenridge.

Some of the highlights of the trip have been:
- We took Chase swimming for the first time. It was like we took two different kids...for the first half an hour Chase was terrified. He clung to me as tight as he could screaming "scary scary scary NO MOMMY NO MOMMY" and he clutched his side so hard he had a red hand print on his side. After carrying the kid around the pool (making sure not to get ANY SCARY WATER on him) for thirty minutes I finally took him to the shallow water with Grammy and we sat down in the water and forced Chase to sit in my lap. He tolerated this at best. At that point one of my cousins started blowing bubbles in the water and Chase's water twin suddenly appeared. Chase started dunking his head in the water and blowing bubbles, he kicked around and splashed, he floated on both his back and his stomach, it was like we had been to the pool a million times. I hope next time we go (which will probably be later today) the swimming twin is in town.
- I have had a ton of crafting time and I am about 90% done with a pair of knit soakers and I am 80% done with my first sweater (a little brown sweater for Chase that is similar to the Cobblestone sweater I have seen on the web). I got the pattern on Raverlry.
- The crepes here are amazing! I swear I would drive up just to eat them!
- Having enough babysitting time that I have been able to sunbath, knit, see movies, go on dinner dates, shop, take walks, nap, etc.
- Listening to Chase "read" Little Beauty, a really cute book my dad bought him.
- Taking hot tubs on the deck with a mountain view.
- My new Pandora charm bracelet.

Not so amazing vacationing moments:
- Getting up EVERYDAY at 5am. Apparently that is Chase's new wake up time.
- Cleaning up projectile vomit after Chase got carsick. We were driving back to the house we rented after a day at the marina and Chase started saying "Car too hot, Car is hot, Hot car, Hot Car!!!" to which I replied "Chase the air conditioning is at 65 and it is NOT HOT IN THE CAR." As we pulled up to the house my cousin squealed in disgust because Chase had urped up a bit on himself. As I went to pull him out of the car, holy projectile vomit, all over my car, and his car seat, and himself, it was quite the disaster. I hate the smell of fruit snack scented vomit.
- Having sleep battles with an almost 2 year old who refuses to go to sleep.
- Thinking about how this is my last day of vacation...

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