Monday, June 15, 2009

My Life Has Gone Down The Toilet - Hooray!

Today was a big day in our household - forgive me for the details / subject but this is what my life has come to. Chase told me that he needed to poop and when I took him to the potty - HE ACTUALLY POOPED IN THE POTTY!!! It was our first potty success. Unfortunately about 3 minutes later he said "mommy poop again" and being the naive person that I am, I figured since he had already gone he didn't need to go again - but sure enough about 1 minute later he pooped again in his diaper. Overall I still consider the experience a success. We still aren't "officially" potty training yet, we just talk about it a lot and squeal in delight when we have successes, but I'm pretty sure the real thing is coming soon *GULP - SCARY*. It's sad how when you become a parent the highlight of your day is watching someone else take a crap.

The other way in which my life has gone down the toilet (forgive me for whining but I can't help myself) is that this morning I woke up and my joint pain was so bad and I was so stiff that I couldn't straighten my knees. I spent the entire day hobbling around like an old person and it made me very grouchy. *sigh* If it is chronic fatigue syndrome I am 1.5 years down, with about 1.5 years to go...


jessieg said...

Yay for pooping! I feel like I'm getting it from all sides now; it's only fitting that you should join in. :)

You should see about taking something before bed to help with joint pain. Like Aleve. My last shot always caused such flu-like symptoms, including joint pain, that I couldn't live without Aleve, which my doctor told me to always take. Feel better!

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