Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So those of you who know me well may think I am referring to my passion for vampires but unfortunately this blog entry has to do with my kiddo...

Chase is a bite magnet - I seriously get calls from day care again and again saying "This isn't an emergency but I just wanted to let you know that one of Chase's friends bit him." (I think the director of the daycare thinks I'm crazy because when she called me yesterday I just busted out laughing - what else can a mom do after the billionth bite?)

Incident 1: (This was the most traumatizing event - he talked about it for MONTHS, seriously, the kid still brings it up.)
Me: "Chase who bit you?"
Chase: "Megan bit me! Ouch!"
Me: "Where did she bite you?"
Chase: "Megan bite my finger!"
Me: "What were you doing to Megan?"
Chase: "Take toy..."
(Since then I think Megan has bitten him another time or two - lesson - don't take stuff from Megan.)

Incident 2: (This was last Friday and it actually broke the skin.)
Me: "Chase who bit you?"
Chase: "Eva bite me!!"
Me: "What were you doing to Eva?" (I of course already knew what he had done to Eva since the teachers had updated me on the phone.)
Chase: "I sit on Eva..." (Apparently he also refused to get off.)
Me: "It's not very nice to sit on our friends."
Chase: "Eva bite me!"

Incident 3: (This was yesterday and you would think the kid had learned his lesson last week but apparently he was ready for round two. This bite left the worst looking little oval bruise I have ever seen.)
Me: "Chase what happened today?"
Chase: "Eva bite me!!!"
Me: "Did you push Eva?"
Chase: "Yes...Eva BITE ME!"
Me: "It's not nice to hit and push our friends."
Chase: "Eva BITE ME!!!"

Moral of the story: Don't mess with little girls... (Chase has never been bitten by a little boy...) You would think he would have learned that by now.

Since I am doing a Chase blog entry I figured I would also list off a few of my favorite recent Chase stories.

Pow Pow
One day Chase came back from school saying "POW POW" and now he LOVES to say it. He will say "POW POW" and then laugh hysterically. His new thing is that he likes to say it in the car. Which usually goes something like this:
Chase: "Mommy I want to say Pow Pow"
Daddy: "Pow Pow!!!"
Chase: "No Daddy No Mommy I want to say it!!!!"
Me: "Okay go ahead and say it."
Chase: "Pow Pow!!!"
(Hysterical laughter from everyone)

The other day when we were headed to the Zoo I asked Chase what animal he thought Pops was (his grandpa).
Chase: "Elephant!!!"
Me: "What animal is Grammy?"
Chase: "Ummm Horse!"
Me: "What animal is Daddy?"
Chase: "Hmmmm let's see....Ummm let's see...Giraffe!"
Me: "What animal is Uncle?"
Chase: "Hmmm let's see...Ummmmm...how about....Lion!"
Me: "What animal is Mommy?"
Chase: "Hmmmm...Ummmm...Umm.....Dragon!"
Me: "What animal is Chase?"
Chase: "Hmmmm....Turtle?"
At this point he ran out of animals and started using repeats. The part that I can't get over was the hmms and ummms and let's sees. Also his animal choices were actually fairly accurate....

Chase can sing his ABCs now but they often go something like:
"ABCDEFG.....OOOOOH a lady bug!!!"
"ABCDEFGH....I want milk"
"ABCD...Now I know my ABCs next time won't you sing with me."
You get the point - his attention span is just not long enough to cover all 26 letters at times.

Forgive the long winded kiddo post but sometimes I just can't help myself!


Tiffany said...

Its not too long till I have biting in my house!!!!!

Krull Family said...

How sad that he is the bite magnet! I've always hoped my child would never become "The Biter" at his school. He sounds like he has quite a little personality!