Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Early Signs of OCD

I must admit that both my husband and I have mild cases of OCD. Apparently our son inherited our love of organization. I know the quality of the below picture is terrible but check out how the fruit snacks are sorted in a line by color. Only my 21 month old would do that...

Here is a picture of Chase's loader digging and moving oranges at dinner (he did that all by himself).

In knitting news I decided to put the re-knit of Chase's sweater on hold in order to start on the below skirt. I bought the book yesterday and I LOVE this skirt. I even splurged and bought nice yarn at The Knitting Habitat. I normally only go for the cheap yarn since I am still a beginner knitter but I wanted this to be a special project. I did learn that knitting your own clothes is not cost effective, the supplies alone for this project will probably total more than I could have bought a similar skirt for (not even counting the billion hours this project will probably take). It's a good thing I craft for the enjoyment of it and not to save money. Wish me luck!

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