Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Glass Fusing


Here are my latest glass fusing attempts. Next up, drilling a hole in one of the larger pieces so that I can use it as a Christmas ornament.

Also here are a few Chase moments because I can't resist writing them down somewhere.
- Yesterday Chase was jumping on our bed saying "I want to go I want to go" and Boris asked him where he wanted to go and he said "I want to go to Mexico" when we asked why he told us he wanted to go and play with toys there. Apparently he is going to be a traveller.
- Chase is officially obsessed with my iPhone. He can unlock it, navigate to the game he wants to play, and get it all going. Crazy...I now have to fight my 2 year old for my phone.
- At school yesterday they did a special art project where they undressed the kiddos and let them "body paint". Apparently Boris's neat-freakish-ness has been passed along to the next generation because Chase spent the entire time trying to avoid getting messy and the only paint he had on him was where other kids had bumped into him. It was quite the comparison to some kids who were covered from head to toe in paint. (BTW, Chase moves up to the big kid class room next week! He is growing up so fast!)


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