Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday B!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday, I started to write a blog entry about our day but I changed my mind half way through and decided that I would blog about some of B's lovable funny quirks instead.

Here are just a few random things about B - how can you not love him?

- Boris is a 100% attention loving center of the stage at all times guitar rock star. If you haven't ever seen him play you should because he is amazing.
- He has what I call the "schmooze factor" at a level that I have never seen on anyone else. He's got the skill down so well that he always gets free drinks at Starbucks because the girls there always want to make him new "special" drinks to try. He also always gets free bagels at the local bagel shop because the ladies there sneak in extras for him. Heck he even got me a huge discount on a Cricut once because he was able to schmooze the lady at JoAnns! I wish some of his skills would rub off on me but I'm unfortunately lacking in the schmooze department.
- My husband is a total stress ball / neat freak most of the time, if he can find something to stress about he does. In fact he usually spends his entire birthday being a grouchy pants because getting older and change in general stress him out. When he runs out of normal things to worry him, that's when the neat freakishness kicks in and then he starts stressing about how long it has been since he last vacuumed, dusted, etc.
- Boris has a love for Little Debbie's Swiss Cake Rolls - he can eat them by the truck load.
- He is the best daddy ever and always makes time for Chase which is so cute. I love watching them play together.

I could go on forever but I'm sure that would bore everyone so I'll stop here =)
***Happy Birthday Bo!***

On a crafting note, here is the little zippered bag that I made for B for his birthday to carry his guitar stuff in:


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Chance said...

Happy Birthday Boris! I am totally with you on the swiss cake rolls! Tasty!

I love the bag!!!