Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Blog Neglect

I have been terrible about updating my blog are a few pictures of one of the projects that has had me distracted lately in addition to my new job, Chase's 2nd birthday, and just general life craziness. One of these days I would like to get back to crafting so that I have something to post pictures of (I must admit I have been distracted by my latest romance novel series though and I have been doing a lot of reading).

We recently changed our loft to a play area for Chase which of course meant that the office that was in the loft had to find a new home. We ended up turning our empty bedroom upstairs into an office / library / knitting / crafting room. Like Chase's playroom I still need to pick some artwork and we still need to set up a few printers but the room is close to done.

So what is next on my blog neglect list you ask?

1) We are redoing all of the french doors in our house and putting in full wall sliders. Phew that will be quite the adventure...I promise to post before and afters on that one as I am thinking it will be rather dramatic.
2) Now that the upstairs craft room is done it means that I seriously need to tackle my downstairs craft room. It is a mess though so I am not looking forward to that.


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Chance said...

lovin all the new changes!

I gave you a blog award on my blog today!